Don’t Worry, You’re Almost There…

Junior, Danni Schneiderman, buried in school work

Junior, Danni Schneiderman, buried in school work

Junior, Danni Schneiderman, buried in school work

Claudia Sanders, Staff Writer

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Tips for success during these last couple weeks of school.

Getting closer to finals week can be frightening but if you take it one step at a time, it doesn’t have to be all that scary. As many of you know, we’re nearing the end of the school year. These last couple of weeks can cause a lot of stress for the average student. If you suffer from procrastination like myself, I have a few tips for making the workload a little more manageable. My favorite thing to do is to make to-do lists because once you get the satisfaction of checking one thing of the seemingly never-ending list, you will likely be motivated to keep working hard until everything is checked off!

☑ Complete study guides as soon as you can (without notes), then study the ones you didn’t know before going through the complete study guide
☑ Teach subjects to your friends if they need help because it can actually help you to know the information better
☑ Study in a public place like Starbucks or the library because you’re less likely to be unfocused since you’re surrounded by other productive people
☑ Bring your teacher your completed study guide and ask him/her to go over the parts that you don’t understand
☑ Take breaks periodically, you’ll need it. But make sure to set a timer for your breaks or else you’ll lose track of time
☑ While studying make sure to take a break. Every 15 minutes, giving yourself a 5-minute brain break to walk around, stretch, and get a snack or something to drink. Snacks like smoothies and granola bars are healthy and easy to eat without distracting you from your tasks, studying and homework

☑ Check Infinite Campus for missing tests and assignments
☑ Make a checklist of your assignments and categorize by class, difficulty, or date
☑ Complete tests and turn in missing assignments
☑STUDY for finals!!!!
☑ Start studying for your finals early by making Quizlets or just by simply filling out the study guide
☑ Ask teachers for any extra credit opportunities AFTER you’ve turned in all your missing work and taken test or quizzes
☑ Make it your priority to get your current assignments in ON TIME
☑ Talk to your teachers BEFORE the last couple weeks of school if your grade still isn’t where you want it to be
☑ Naps are your friend, but according to naps that exceed 20 minutes can cause a groggy feeling making you more tired in the long run. Naps that last 10-20 minutes can give you those bursts of energy you need.

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