Joji: From Filthy Frank to Stardom

How a YouTube Star became an Exciting New Artist


Joji’s late 2017 EP “In Tongues”

Trey Williams, Staff Writer

The Harlem Shake is one of the biggest online phenomenons of earlier this decade, and it all started with one man. Nobody could have guessed that he would become one of the most exciting new artists of 2018. George Miller, also known as Joji, has been making waves in the music scene for the past year. Online, George Miller has been a significant figure for years. He is most popular for his now inactive YouTube channel “Filthy Frank”, famous for its obnoxious and raunchy comedy.

You would never be able to tell Filthy Frank and Joji are the same person. Miller started publicly making music as his online persona “Pink Guy” on his YouTube channel where he made extremely over the top and often disgusting satirical comedy music. Discreetly, Miller started posted songs on SoundCloud under the alias “Joji,” but his main focus was always his YouTube channel. After years of success online, he became unsatisfied with his YouTube life and decided to follow his dream of being a musician.

Joji’s music is moody and minimalistic; his main focus being on creating an atmosphere for the listener. He often uses atmospheric background sounds in his music, like rain, to add to his aesthetic. His first release under his record label 88rising was his EP late last year In Tongues, which featured songs such as “Will He” and “Demons,” both slow wintery songs.

None of the music he’s created has been anywhere close in quality to his new song from last week titled “Slow Dancing in the Dark.” This song is a dark, moody, nostalgic synth-ballad. His new song is everything that makes Joji great with even more energy, better vocals, and emotional depth. I would highly recommend this song to anyone interested in Joji.