Track Team Updates Coaching Staff


Tori Favazza, Staff Writer

Track season is an important season for Parkway Central, with 61 students on the team and state records to beat. But some changes have been made to the team, regarding coaching positions.

“We have some coaching turnover because of people taking jobs elsewhere… [Cameron King] wanted to take some time for family in the spring, and track just like any other sport is a big responsibility,” coach Ryan Banta said. “He’s always wanted to coach basketball; it was one of his first loves as a sport, so when he got the opportunity to coach varsity boys basketball it made a lot of sense. He’s no longer with us in track but he still loves us, he and I still have a good relationship, and we still see each other.”

High jump coach Alex Poole had to be replaced as well, with another job opportunity as a principal at Summit. The pay increased, and with the switch of job setting Poole was unable to continue coaching.

Unfortunately, pole vault coach Ryan Parad had to be substituted as well.

“Coach Parad, who was our pole vault coach, got a better job doing some work for the Parks and Rec Department for the city of St. Louis, and he got an opportunity to coach at the high school he went to,” Banta said. “The job was a better paying job and closer to home, he’s also got a new baby on the way, so all those things played a role. That’s why all those turnovers and positions changed; just life.”

Though the replacing of these three incredibly influential coaches has been a sad event, fortunately, skilled and experienced coaches are taking their place.

“Coach Goldenberg is taking over the throws, and he coached boys track for over 10 years, so he’s very well versed in the sport. For the distance events Coach Silvermintz is coming on board and he has a lot of experience as a runner himself,” Banta said.

“In the pole vault, we were in a tough situation because pole vault can be very intimidating… I’ve been after Coach Hesemann for a while to get her to join our staff because I really like her coaching when I’ve seen her coach softball and basketball,” Banta said. All of the new coaches are eager for the new season, for new opportunities, and for new records to be made.  

“I can’t wait to help make our team better in any way possible. I love to motivate and be a positive influence for our athletes.  It’s going to be a lot of fun,” said new pole vault coach Hesemann. “I hope that I can add to the positive atmosphere that already exists within the program. The boys and girls program has a great winning tradition and I feel very lucky to be a part of it.”