#throwback: teachers share their homecoming stories

Madeline Lee, News Editor

Ricky Haltemann, Math Teacher

“Back in high school I was in the running for homecoming, and my good friend was in the running too. He voted for me and I voted for myself- I later found out that I won only by one vote.”

Christine Stricker, Journalism Teacher

“Sophomore year my date and I were at a restaurant when he got a charlie horse in the middle of dinner. He had to stand up and walk around the restaurant. So embarrassing.”

Shana Kelley, Biology Teacher

“Senior year of high school I worked on a float with my friends. We had chicken wire and we made sculptures, and we also stuck ‘pops’ into it. We were so proud of that float, it was so fun.”

Ryan King, Science Teacher

“One year my homecoming was snowed out and they rescheduled it for the next day. No one showed up, it was pretty much just me and my friends. It was so fun. That might not have been homecoming though…”