Topgolf has recently added a location to St. Louis, right in our backyard in The Valley.

Does it really live up to all the hype? Being such a new destination for entertainment, people have found that it can be difficult to secure a spot.

“We called to make a reservation and the only open slots were 7 a.m. or 11 a.m. on Saturday,” math teacher Tom Schaeffer said.

On the other hand, others have had a more positive experience getting in for a few game.

“We made a reservation, just because there were so many of us, but people walked in after us and got a spot on the bay,” senior Chayse Williams said. She went over the summer time, so time slots weren’t as competitive, while now it can be harder to get in, especially on the weekends.

“We went around noon on a weekday and just walked in, we didn’t have to wait because it’s not as busy as it is on the weekends,” junior Hugh Hodson said.


While it seems like a hotspot to go to, is it really worth all the hype? Students who have gone reported some of their favorite features including the interior design and the activities.

“The lobby when I came in I was like wow this is cool, by the time I ate I thought yeah, I’m definitely coming back,” Williams said.

Along with providing a fun physical activity, topgolf has an extensive lunch and dinner menu ranging from ribs to quesadillas, but is it good?

“It was so good. I got a grilled cheese with steak inside and it came with fries and that was between $12-$15. It wasn’t as expensive as some of the other items on the menu,” Williams said. Hodson agreed that the food was tasty but had one complaint.

“It was good, but it was expensive,” Hodson said.


Topgolf can host for many occasions, but if you’re debating whether to make it a family fun night or a casual date destination, students express their favorite way to enjoy the experience.

“You can do a date night, but it’s better in a group. You’re paying for the bay (which costs $40) and you can have six people so you might as well,” Williams said.

“It’s definitely best to go with a group, that way it’s less expensive too,” Hodson said.


Although we’ve established it’s a great place to spend an afternoon, what if you’re not good at golf? Put your worries to the side, if your considering your skill level in golf and feeling discouraged to go, don’t! Students who have gone can all agree it’s a great place for a fun time regardless of your expertise.

“It’s honestly funnier if you don’t know how,” Williams said.

Other students share that the environment at Topgolf is very welcoming no matter how good you are

“You definitely still have fun even if you’re bad because the atmosphere is fun and energetic so it’s not even about golf it’s just about having a good time,” Hodson said.

Myori Felix, Staff Editor

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