Dude on Dance Team

Junior Kaleb Thomas is the first boy in Parkway Central history to be on dance team.

September 28, 2017


Funmi Ayeni

Junior Kaleb Thomas

Q:When did you first start dancing? What inspired you?
A:“I started dancing in seventh grade. I received a grant from Parkway for being in an all boys choir, and used the money to fund dance classes. Step-up definitely played a major role in my dancing career. I used to watch it all the time along with YouTube videos.”

Q:Have you had any professional lessons/training in dance?
A:”I dance at COCA (Center of Creative Arts.) I take 9 lessons a week from the studio and COCA hip-hop crew. I take Hip-hop, jazz, modern ballet, and modern contemporary. Modern and Jazz are my favorites.”

Q:Who introduced you to the dance team? How’d you hear about it?
A:”Dorothy D. and Alyssa K. introduced me to the dance team. They’ve cause they said I’d be a great addition to the team. When I saw Varsity dance for the first time, I was so shook! Varsity is really good!”

Q:How was your audition?
A:”It was good, but I was very nervous. “My heart was pounding.” I’ve never done a competition before, but it’s all about the experience.”

Q:What music do you listen to?
A:”I listen to a lot of stuff. Vogue, House, Hip-Hop, Pop, Alternative, and Modern African Music. I love dancing to Yemi Alade!”

Q:How is it dancing with a bunch of girls?
A:”It’s intimidating, dancing with a bunch of girls, but I know I’m intimidating too. The girls push me to do better, and it’s a great environment for all of us. We love each other, we’re family.”

Q:What does your dance uniform look like?
A:”Coach gave me a plain black shell, like a tank top to dance in. My dance outfit is a black shell with central printed on it in school colors. I wear it with black biker shorts. It’s nice!”

Q: Do you enjoy dance?
A:”Always. It’s all about the artistic vision. Dancers give lines and, everything is perfect and pretty. I like that most of all. Dance gives me discipline and structure. It inspires me. It’s a good way to let stress out but it requires you to apply yourself. I put a lot of hard work into this.”

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