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Dude on Dance Team

Junior Kaleb Thomas is the first boy in Parkway Central history to be on dance team.

September 28, 2017

Junior Kaleb Thomas

Junior Kaleb Thomas

Funmi Ayeni

Funmi Ayeni

Junior Kaleb Thomas

Q:When did you first start dancing? What inspired you?
A:“I started dancing in seventh grade. I received a grant from Parkway for being in an all boys choir, and used the money to fund dance classes. Step-up definitely played a major role in my dancing career. I used to watch it all the time along with YouTube videos.”

Q:Have you had any professional lessons/training in dance?
A:”I dance at COCA (Center of Creative Arts.) I take 9 lessons a week from the studio and COCA hip-hop crew. I take Hip-hop, jazz, modern ballet, and modern contemporary. Modern and Jazz are my favorites.”

Q:Who introduced you to the dance team? How’d you hear about it?
A:”Dorothy D. and Alyssa K. introduced me to the dance team. They’ve cause they said I’d be a great addition to the team. When I saw Varsity dance for the first time, I was so shook! Varsity is really good!”

Q:How was your audition?
A:”It was good, but I was very nervous. “My heart was pounding.” I’ve never done a competition before, but it’s all about the experience.”

Q:What music do you listen to?
A:”I listen to a lot of stuff. Vogue, House, Hip-Hop, Pop, Alternative, and Modern African Music. I love dancing to Yemi Alade!”

Q:How is it dancing with a bunch of girls?
A:”It’s intimidating, dancing with a bunch of girls, but I know I’m intimidating too. The girls push me to do better, and it’s a great environment for all of us. We love each other, we’re family.”

Q:What does your dance uniform look like?
A:”Coach gave me a plain black shell, like a tank top to dance in. My dance outfit is a black shell with central printed on it in school colors. I wear it with black biker shorts. It’s nice!”

Q: Do you enjoy dance?
A:”Always. It’s all about the artistic vision. Dancers give lines and, everything is perfect and pretty. I like that most of all. Dance gives me discipline and structure. It inspires me. It’s a good way to let stress out but it requires you to apply yourself. I put a lot of hard work into this.”

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