Vice President Harris announces her candidacy for Vice President in Wilmington, Delaware
Kamala Harris’s Impact on Future Female Leaders
Allison Loudenback, Reporter • February 25, 2021
Harris’s vice presidency has opened the eyes of many to the importance of diverse representation and female leadership. The significance of these elements is often underestimated in a variety of settings, from school clubs to mainstream media.
Freshman Jacob Abowitz does homework on his school issued Chromebook
Testing Examined
Brooke Kraizer, News Editor/ Features Editor • February 23, 2021

Coming back to school has been a crucial part of 2021. Walking into the building, seeing friends and teacher safely is exciting, almost like...

Carine Heller, junior, posted these images of the chalk at the front of the school with the inspiring messages from Day of Kindness.
New Central Tradition
Maddie Hewgley, Reporter • December 6, 2020

Month of giving, week of service, and now, Central introduces Day of Kindness for the first year. One year ago, junior class Student Council...

District releases return to building calendar for high school
District releases return to building calendar for high school
October 15, 2020


The Future of International School Trips
Allison Loudenback, Reporter • October 13, 2020
For the majority of our time at high school, we are taught about different geography, cultures and languages from textbooks and worksheets. However, almost every year, Parkway offers its students opportunities to travel internationally, enriching their perspective on the world and allowing them to experience a period of cultural immersion.
Freshman, Ellie Sioumcas on a bike ride with friend on  May 1, 2020.
Lesson Learned
Brie Williams, Reporter • October 9, 2020

It’s no secret that 2020 has been different from every other year we’ve lived through. At first the WWIII memes rolled in, then the helicopter...

High school schedule for quarter two in the 2020-2021 school year by Tim McCarthy.
Parkway School Board Makes a Final Decision
Emma Li, Reporter • October 1, 2020

On Sept. 29, hundreds of viewers sat down in their homes to watch the live streaming of the long awaited Parkway Board meeting discussing plans...

Dexter Wong goes to his fifth grade class at Shenandoah Valley Elementary online. I would really like going back to school, he said. It’s like we all probably took it for granted until it was gone. Photo by Ann Wong.
Parkway School Board Leans Toward Hybrid Learning
Emma Li, Reporter • September 25, 2020

Green Trails Elementary Principal Rene Sommers has been working diligently to stay connected to her students. Last summer, as she was delivering...

The Boom of Blue Light Glasses
The Boom of Blue Light Glasses
Ellie Mueller, Reporter • September 25, 2020

Do you feel drowsy and dry eyed after sitting on a screen for an extended period of time? Don’t worry, you're not alone. All digital screens...

Ava Wittner, Junior checking in with trainer at the first day of practice, Sept.24.
Sports but no classes
Brooke Kraizer, News Editor/ Features Editor • September 25, 2020

Fall is a big season when talking about back to school and sports. People are back to school shopping, preparing for their fall sport season,...

Supreme Court Jusitice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attends a public conversation at the University of Chicago on September 9, 2019, in Chicago.
News in review: Week of Sept. 25
Alex Maisenhelder, Online Manager • September 25, 2020

In the past week, there have been few headlines grabbing as much attention as the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the trial for the officers...

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft talks about voting options for the November general election on Monday at a press conference with Mayor Brian Treece at City Hall.
Seniors: How to register to vote and cast your vote amidst a pandemic
Maddie Hewgley, Reporter • September 25, 2020

With an election less than 40 days away, the deadline to register is rapidly approaching. In light of the pandemic, class of 2021 seniors are...

Standardized tests: to take or not to take
Standardized tests: to take or not to take
Sydney Stahlschmidt, Copy Editor • September 11, 2020

The ACT is an important part of the college application process that plays a role in the future of all high school students. The test score that...

Technology issues abound in Parkway as every student transitions to all virtual learning.
Tech support struggles to keep up with district needs
Maddie Hewgley, Reporter • September 11, 2020

Since the announcement for virtual school, Parkway’s Technology Specialists have been forced with the task of making online school feasible...

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