One of Celsiuss carbonated drinks, Tropical Vibe.
Drink At Your Own Risk
Sasha Smith, Staff Reporter • May 12, 2022

The grasp that energy drinks have on teens has increased tremendously over the years. Yet as more people begin to question the health benefits...

Image courtesy of Pixabay.
Use Some Cents and Save
Sophia Spicuzza, Staff Reporter • May 12, 2022

I have not always been frugal with my money. Any penny that would hit my piggy bank would go straight into the hands of a cashier. I would walk...

Resumes: Raising the Stakes
Emma Li, Features Editor • April 1, 2022

Students applying for college often need to collect transcripts, essays, interviews, and portfolios, and may also require a resume. A resume...

Vacation or Staycation?
Vacation or Staycation?
Carli Alper, Staff Reporter • March 31, 2022

After the large fear of flying due to the pandemic, people are letting go more and more of their guard to travel. It was spring break 2020 when...

Classiest Thoughts
Classiest Thoughts
Alyssa Weisenberg, Staff Reporter • March 31, 2022

There's Never a Perfect Ending
Maya Sagett, Staff Reporter • February 23, 2022

After 18 seasons and being renewed for a 19th in the fall of 2022, even "Grey's Anatomy's" star since 2005, Ellen Pompeo, is ready for it...

Sam Sailors (10) stands upon Olive BLVD, Taco Bell at approximately 2:41
What's with the wings?
Chase Giancola, Staff Reporter • February 22, 2022

Taco Bell is known for its reappearing exclusive limited-time offers. Recently, Taco Bell came out with their new chicken wings. The fast-food...

Inforgraphic courtesy BMW Law Group (2020)
Keeping Teen Drivers Safe
Kayelyn Tate, Staff Reporter • February 22, 2022

Motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of death for U.S. teens and Missouri is one of the top ten states with the most car crash...

Girls swim and dive after winning third place in City of Roses Invitational meet. Jan. 22, Photo Courtesy of
Stephanie Seidel.
Teen Team Mentality
Alyssa Weisenberg, Staff Reporter • February 22, 2022

Dedicated to all of my teammates and coaches. Thank you for every thing I have learned from you and all the amazing moments we have shared. Swimming...

Rating: 8.5/10    This one has a significantly better flavor and quality than all the rest, but has only a few bubbles and induces some questionable opinions about erythritol and some of the other ingredients.
The Great Sparkling Water Debate
Maya Sagett, Staff Reporter • January 19, 2022

Coming in dead last would have to be Voss Sparkling Water. With similar ingredients to the other poorly-rated brands, I was expecting this...

Portia LeFebvre snoozes at her desk, catching up on some much-needed sleep. This photo was posted to pch.naps on Instagram on Nov. 9, 2021.
Losing Sleep: Who's to Blame?
Maya Sagett, Staff Reporter • January 19, 2022

With over 600 followers, the pch.naps Instagram account is dedicated to exemplifying Central’s love for snoozing during class. But where does...

Cover of Doja Cats album Planet Her
Best Music in the Year 2021
Brie Williams, Staff Reporter • January 19, 2022

8/10 Adele’s album clearly shows her time and experience in the music industry. She has found her writing style and has continued to stick...

Most Likely to be Sticky
Take A Seat, Parkway Central
Alyssa Weisenberg, Staff Reporter • January 18, 2022

Walking around the school you may not think twice about the chairs you sit in. You may not think about how many people have sat in  them, aced...

Maybelline Great Lash, the winner of the Mascara Race
Ready...Set...Run! Mascara Races
Brie Williams, Staff Reporter • November 22, 2021

For some people, crying is an activity reserved for funerals, bad test grades, and videos of military parents returning home to their kids. For...

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