Photo courtesy of Pixabay
Alyssa Davis, Staff Reporter • November 22, 2021

She wakes up early, eats healthy smoothie bowls, exercises, meditates, studies, and cleans her room all before 8 a.m. and she does this while...

Gardner Flying over Central High.
The Story of a Flying Colt
Alyssa Weisenberg, Staff Reporter • November 22, 2021

Heads up! If you’re on the football field and you see an airplane flying over, Wave! That could be alumni Doug Gardner flying above. Gardner...

Public Forum co-captain Gina Hua (11) helps Varsity members Ava Hulse (10) and Ann Joseph (10) with their document on cryptocurrency for their upcoming tournament.
Debating Through Life
Maya Sagett, Staff Reporter • November 22, 2021

The Speech and Debate team at Parkway Central High diligently prepare for monthly debate tournaments. These preparations have helped with skills...

Harold wraps up Jadyn Wallis’ (12) ankle.
PCH has a new athletic trainer
Alanna Stovall , Staff reporter • November 22, 2021

Leah Harold is the new athletic trainer at Parkway Central High School. She has been an athletic trainer for three years. Before she came to...

Maya Sagett doing school work. Photo by Brie Williams.
Battling Winter Burnout
Brie Williams, Staff Reporter • November 19, 2021

Sometimes just thinking about writing that essay or getting up for school can completely exhaust a person. The term “burnout” was created...

Horror Movies: Yay or Nay?
Horror Movies: Yay or Nay?
Jessi Ruiz, Staff Reporter • October 7, 2021

As October inches closer and closer, so does the Halloween excitement. Haunted houses are opening, people are starting to brainstorm their Halloween...

Lana (right) and Keri (left) Piepho hug. The sisters play volleyball together.
Sisters Sharing Sports
Sophia Spicuzza, Staff Reporter • October 7, 2021

Sports have many purposes: to compete with a team, burn off energy, win a game. But for some people, the main purposes of sports are to create...

Ms. Baker’s public Instagram page, used for school as well as life updates that her students can view. (Screenshot of Bakers Instagram account)
Teachers Take on Social Media
Maya Sagett, Staff Reporter • October 7, 2021

In the ever-changing world of social media, it has continued to move through the generations, affecting each one in a different way. Teenagers...

Seniors Stand Together
Brooke Kraizer, Editor-in-Chief • October 7, 2021

On Aug. 25, 2021 one Parkway Central student bullied and targeted another student for being part of the LGBTQ+ community. The victim anonymously...

Senior director Nicole Lindberg oversees a rehearsal on March 11, 2021. Both taking part in and watching one acts directed by seniors in the past inspired her to create a high-energy show.
One Chance in One Act
Emma Li, Reporter • March 30, 2021

In a less than ideal last year of high school, senior Nicole Lindberg is still spreading joy to those around her. The directing class is limited...

Expecting "Echoes"
Emma Li, Reporter • March 30, 2021

Creation comes in many forms, whether it is through visual or performing art. However, Chris Stout’s creative writing class is hidden within...

Illustration by Emma Li.
COVID Couture
Emma Li, Reporter • March 4, 2021

People throughout history have long used clothing to express themselves, and very little has changed during this time. Masks and leisurewear...

Cockrell, smiling and wearing his football jersey, stands on the Central field in 1998.
From gang recruit to Teacher of the Year
Maddie Hewgley, Reporter • February 25, 2021

Parkway Central High School alumnus Darrion Cockrell is currently riding the high off of his most recent success - Missouri 2021 Teacher of the...

Staggenborg’s American family celebrates the holidays. Photo courtesy of Staggenborg family.
From Ukraine to St. Louis
Gabby Abowitz, Photography editor and Art Director • February 23, 2021

Andrew Staggenborg (12) may look like an average high school senior. In reality, Staggenborg has faced many obstacles to get where he is today....

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