Maria Conley poses in front of her Iris Apfel and Georgia OKeefe chalk mural.
Chesterfield Chalk Artist Strengthens Community
Davis Brown May 3, 2024

For a few years, the corner of Schoettler and Chesterfield Pines has offered visual appeal to drivers passing by. Maria Conley has painted the...

An insiders look into The Corral
An insider's look into The Corral
Kriti Dhaduvai, Features Editor & Puzzle Master • February 26, 2024

The Corral is the school newspaper run by students and journalism teacher Christine Stricker. You may have seen the papers being delivered to...

Trail Talks Episode 1
Trail Talks Episode 1
February 23, 2024

Jaden Jones-Brown (12) works on a piece in Ceramics.
Insights From A High School Artist
Kriti Dhaduvai, Davis Brown, and Erin McDonough January 22, 2024

Jahden Jones-Brown is a mixed media artist currently in Mr. Jafari’s ‘Ceramics 1’ class. Brown’s inspiration comes from starting art...

Sports Marketing teacher Julie Weindel works with Mudasir Khalji (12) in class.
Social Media Promotes Community And Student Work
Kriti Dhaduvai and Aamir Banks January 22, 2024

Christine Stricker is the lead of PCH Publications here at Parkway Central. She talks about the need of having a big social media presence for...

Zoe Wang (12) plays the guitar at school on Sept. 25.
Senior pursues passions in music and culture
Kriti Dhaduvai, Features editor • December 15, 2023

Zoe Wang is a senior here at PCH. If you haven’t seen her at the forefront of the International Club’s events, then you may have seen her...

Kicking it at Central
Avery Adams, Staff Reporter • December 15, 2023

Students walk around the art gallery  admiring the work of their fellow students during The Art Show. Work from Ceramics, Design Arts and AP Drawing as well as others were featured in the show on Jan 8.
Responsive scheduling changes Academic Lab time
Rayne Madison and Avant Stepney October 10, 2023

Man On The Street
Man On The Street
Sam Sailors, Staff Reporter • October 4, 2023

Marrissa Farrell, a young black women, sits in a podcast studio
Behind the Bucket List: English Teacher and husband own popular social media brand
Matthew Bird and Brandon Shih April 10, 2023

English teacher Marissa Farrell never thought that her hobby could have such a big impact on the St. Louis region. “This sounds...

Four Points of Purim
Four Points of Purim
Alyssa Weisenberg, Photo Editor • April 4, 2023

101 Ways to Cure Summer Boredom!
101 Ways to Cure Summer Boredom!
Sophia Spicuzza, Editor In Chief • June 1, 2022

How to Make a VEGAN Snack Board-Keeping it Vegan, Episode 6
How to Make a VEGAN Snack Board-Keeping it Vegan, Episode 6
March 18, 2021

Binoj values chess as an everyday hobby. Every loss is just another way to learn something about how to improve, Binoj said. I think that’s the biggest thing you can learn from playing games. Photo by Emma Li.
A Queen in a Game of Kings
Emma Li, Reporter • February 23, 2021

Soft spoken and kind, sophomore Gaayathri Binoj, Gaaya to most, is a person who can get along with anyone, and sees the good in everyone....

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