Advertising Policies

Corral Advertising Policies

  1. The Corral has sole discretion to determine the kinds of advertisements that we place in our paper. The Corral does not endorse any products or services that are advertised in our paper.
  2. The Corral will not accept any advertisements promoting the following: alcohol, ammunition, gambling, pornography, or tobacco. We will also not accept any advertisements that promote illegal products, advocate for a specific political, religious, or controversial public position or a candidate running for office.
  3. The Corral will not accept any advertisements that we consider factually inaccurate. Advertisements must not include offensive material that targets, misrepresents, or mocks an individual or a group based on age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or handicap.
  4. The Corral is not responsible for the content contained in the advertisements in the paper. The Corral maintains a clear distinction between our editorial content and the advertisements.
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Advertising Policies