Junior Samantha Taylor and Senior Parkway South student Haley Parks posing next to Macy’s on 6th
street. Photo courtesy of Cristina Taylor

Marching Colt in New York

Alyssa Weisenberg, Photo Editor January 29, 2024

This Thanksgiving, one of Parkway Central’s own Marching Colts marched in the United States’ most popular and broadcasted parade; the Macy’s Day parade. Junior Samantha Taylor, the 2022 All- Suburban...

Insights From A High School Artist

Kriti Dhaduvai, Davis Brown, and Erin McDonough January 22, 2024

Jahden Jones-Brown is a mixed media artist currently in Mr. Jafari’s ‘Ceramics 1’ class. Brown’s inspiration comes from starting art at a young age in a unique family setting. “So, I started...

Social Media Promotes Community And Student Work

Kriti Dhaduvai and Aamir Banks January 22, 2024

Christine Stricker is the lead of PCH Publications here at Parkway Central. She talks about the need of having a big social media presence for our school.  “I felt that social media was an opportunity...

The bench focusing during the game on Dec. 1 vs Parkway North

Coach Returns Home

Sam Sailors, Staff Reporter January 19, 2024

With the new addition to the boys varsity Basketball team, assistant Coach Jayden Littlejohn, the Colts are off to a strong start with a record of 8-5. Littlejohn, a former player at Parkway Central, has...

Parkway Central student body cheers as their team scores.

The Talk 4 Tyler Impact

Rayne Madison, Staff Reporter January 19, 2024

Oftentimes, when a tragedy occurs, the people affected are so caught in despair they can’t seem to make anything good of their situation. Remaining positive and keeping a sound mind feels impossible,...

Shawna Robinson writes a late pass for a tardy student

Total Tardy Turnaround

Alyssa Davis, Staff Reporter January 19, 2024

How often have you been tardy this year? Were you one of the 3,826 tardies last year? If so, then you might have paid special attention to the new attendance guidelines. Five months ago, the Parkway...

Connor Lander (12) kicks a punt on the ten yard line against Rockwood Summit on Aug.8. Lander committed to play football at Lindenwood University

Central Under Pressure

Landon Chen, Opinion and Entertainment Editor January 19, 2024

With the clock winding down to half time during the district final, the Colts football team was fending off the 8-2 Vashon Wolverines. So far the game was tied 7-7, however, coach Ryan King called on three...

Abi Kornblum (12) making dreidels to celebrate Hanukkah on Dec. 6.

A Club Welcome to Everyone

Amanda Arst, Staff Reporter January 17, 2024

With a goal to bring people together no matter religion, gender, ethnicity or background, Jewish Student Union (JSU) is a club that is open and welcome to everyone. JSU meets Wednesdays once a week from...

Jen and John Meyer with their children, Willow and Brooks, while traveling in Yellowstone.

Teacher Feature: Mr. Meyer

Maya Sagett, Managing/Copy Editor January 17, 2024

You may know him as the guy with the ponytail in the Social Studies commons, or maybe as “that teacher married to Ms. Meyer.” Tucked away at the end of the hallway, John Meyer is everyone’s favorite...

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Taylor Jesse, Staff Reporter January 17, 2024

Typically, in order to be an outstanding athlete who plays at a high level should have a diet that consists of nothing but healthy foods. Yet, multiple athletes from differing sports report their unhealthy...

Seniors, Andrew Kastner (left), Andrew Rain (left), Kaitlyn King (right), and Wilson Wujcik (right), read the scripture on Thursday Nov. 30 at Panera.

A Bond That Lasts Forever

Taylor Jesse, Staff Reporter January 17, 2024

CFC, the Catholic Faith Club, not only is a club but a unique society that has brought people of different beliefs, opinions, and history together to commerce their thoughts on their faith. This club,...

Keith Herberger tries to solve a trinomial using the quadratic formula. Herberger needed lots of hints because he “Hasn’t done math in 30 years”

Does Math Even Matter?

Sasha Smith, Staff Reporter January 17, 2024

Who cares about math anyway? What’s the point in learning how to prove a triangle is a triangle? Why do I have to take math if I don’t want to pursue a math-related job? These are common questions...

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