Karina Sharafutdivnova (11) plays guitar during her end of season show for her “Grunge” Band. Guitar is another activity she had always wanted to do, but didn’t start until moving to the U.S. “My step dad plays guitar and when I came here, he was playing and I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, that sounds cool. I want to do that.’” says Sharafutdinova.

New Country, New Opportunities

Clare Johnston, Reporter January 2, 2022

Imagine picking up your whole life and moving to another country, having to start new with no one you know besides your parents, and barely knowing the language. This is the scary reality for many teenagers...


Inside the Mind of a 15-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Asher Vogt, Reporter January 2, 2022

Business: it runs the world. That fish your neighbor got at the supermarket? Business. The burger your dad got from that restaurant? Business. Your uncle trying to sell his mixtape at the family dinner?...

Emerson Mezines Receives an Award at Parkway Central High

Emerson Mezines Receives an Award at Parkway Central High

Dayli Richard, Reporter January 2, 2022

Emerson “Emmy” Mezines (10) received the Colt Community Contributions award in honor of her theatrical contributions outside of school. She has worked on eleven shows, and plans to keep doing it.  Mezines...

Reza studies for his upcoming English test in the library.

Ahead of the Game

Diego Perez Palomino, Reporter December 22, 2021

Math can be a difficult subject for many students in high school; it requires critical thinking and practice. Nevertheless, some students have turned this weakness into a strength. For example, many freshman...

Alex Moresi (9) runs in a varsity cross country race for Parkway Central.

Two Is Better Than One

Sasha Smith, Reporter December 22, 2021

Most athletes pick one fall sport and one spring sport they are able to manage easily during the school year. Yet when wanting to do two sports within the same season, it can be a little difficult. Freshman...

Charlotte Elsensohn (9) plays her ukulele at PCH.

Musical Intrigue

Carli Alper, Reporter December 22, 2021

Guitar, violin, piano: these are all common instruments you might expect someone to answer with when you ask them what instrument they play, but Charlotte Elsensohn (9) would answer, “I play the ukulele.” Elsensohn...

Sadie Levy (9) poses with basketball in the gym

Shooting for the Stars

Ande McNew, reporter December 22, 2021

Ever since Sadie Levy (9) was little, she always remembered being active and having some type of sports ball in her hands. As Levy got older, the desire to play basketball and soccer became stronger,...

On Dec. 9, Julia Colozza prepares to shoot in the Parkway Central gym during practice.

From Recovery Back to Rebounds

Anna Kladiva , Reporter December 22, 2021

Julia Colozza (10) has been part of the Parkway Central varsity basketball team since her freshman year. During her first year of high school, she played JV basketball, while also swinging for varsity....

Senior Wiktor Waligora waits for soccer practice while reading a book on Nov. 17.

Worth it: Wiktor Waligora and Zalan Nagy

Alexandra Novoselova , Reporter December 22, 2021

The age of 17 is a time to spend the last days of childhood with friends and family, but instead, Wiktor Waligora and Zalan Nagy traveled to another country.  Exchange student programs provide an opportunity...

Asher Koh (9) playing violin during ac lab.

Master of Music: Asher Koh

Ava O'Bryan December 22, 2021

Asher Koh (9) has always had music in his life. He has perfect pitch, a skill only about 1 in 10,000 people have. This skill generally develops during early childhood.  “When you play a pitch, and...

Varsity Tennis New Star Player

Varsity Tennis’ New Star Player

Amanda Gubernik, Reporter December 22, 2021

From soccer field, to basketball court, and now the high school tennis team, Emily Heller (9) can do it all.  Although Heller plays a multitude of sports, her main passion and athleticism starts from...

Maddie Hewgleys Years Through Musical Arts

Maddie Hewgley’s Years Through Musical Arts

Sadie Levy, reporter December 10, 2021

At only six years old, Maddie Hewgley stood as a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz and remembers thoroughly that she loved and would pursue acting. Hewgley has been in many plays, musicals, and concerts. "I...

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