The Future of International School Trips

Allison Loudenback, Reporter
For the majority of our time at high school, we are taught about different geography, cultures and languages from textbooks and worksheets. However, almost every year, Parkway offers its students opportunities to travel internationally, enriching their perspective on the world and allowing them to experience a period of cultural immersion.
Ava Wittner, Junior checking in with trainer at the first day of practice, Sept.24.

Sports but no classes

Brooke Kraizer, News Editor/ Features Editor
Photo provided by Pixabay.

In-Person vs. Virtual Learning

Some schools made the decision to adopt an all-virtual system, some have chosen to implement a hybrid of in-person and online classes, while others decided to return in-person full-time. Regardless of which learning system their school chose, the majority of students approached the new year with mixed emotions.
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