Giving Back and Giving More

Kayelyn Tate, Staff Reporter November 18, 2021

Holiday season is near, which means it’s time to give thanks and give back. A lot of schools, organizations, and communities spend their holidays working at soup kitchens, donating goods, or raising...

Statistical findings of the pandemic on teen mental health. Photo from the University of Michigan Health Department.

Virtual Learning Effects Mental Health

Kayelyn Tate, Staff Reporter October 28, 2021

Last school year was definitely not the year anyone was expecting. For teens, pandemic restrictions may have meant months of virtual school, less time with friends, and canceling activities like sports,...

From virtual to in-person

From virtual to in-person

William Edwards, Staff Reporter October 7, 2021

As COVID-19 regulations and mask mandates let up, high schoolers in Chesterfield, Missouri are getting back into a somewhat normal school year. In light of the worldwide pandemic, there are all types of...

Seniors celebrates Homecoming games on Oct. 4.

Homecoming Returns Class games and Dress up Days to Start the Week off

U'Leyce Robinson, Staff Reporter October 7, 2021

Homecoming week wraps up with the dance tomorrow after a busy week of games and dress up.  Abbi Robinson (11) has never been to a Homecoming dance. “Even though this will be my first Homecoming, I...

Traffic into the Parkway Central High School parking lot on a weekday morning at 7:20. Photo by Alyssa Weisenberg.

What’s the build up, Central?

Alyssa Weisenberg, Staff Reporter October 7, 2021

Sarah Hirsch (12) has been driving herself to school since last year. But this school year, her after school routine has changed, for the worse.   “I feel like I have to wait in the parking...

New School Year, New Teachers

New School Year, New Teachers

Brooke Kraizer, Editor-in-Chief October 7, 2021

New supplies, new clothes, new school year and best yet… new teachers. Parkway Central has welcomed four new teachers in the fall of 2021. All of these teachers are in different parts of the building...

The Parkway Schools Homepage provides COVID-19 updates including positive
and quarantine cases at each school.

Coronavirus in Schools

Brie Williams, Staff Reporter October 7, 2021

Sometimes it can be hard to picture what life during a pandemic would have been like in elementary schools. No more field trips or sharing pudding cups. Elementary students now have to follow guidelines...

Piper Douglas’ dog Henry gets his picture taken at a birthday party she threwfor him.

Pets Adoption Rates Rise

October 7, 2021

  Pet adoptions were at an unprecedented high this year after the COVID-19 pandemic left people at home wanting new experiences. “The average length of stay before COVID was seven [days]; during COVID...

Students spent the day voicing their frustrations and stories of discrimination. I appreciate everyone who came and walked with us, and listened to me and everyone else who spoke their mind, Xavier Cook (12) said. I’m proud of everyone who spoke, and I thank everyone who stands with Black lives.

Making Voices Heard

Emma Li, Features Editor October 6, 2021

On Sept. 23, students walked out to the administrative center parking lot during third block to protest the racist, xenophobic, and discriminatory messages graffittied upon multiple boys’ restrooms at...

Shahd Abdelbaset celebrates with the class of 2021. She brought a Palestinian flag to her graduation parade on May 23.

Old Conflicts Flare Up

Emma Li, Features Editor October 6, 2021

From May 10- 21, 2021, the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflicts flared up once more. Centuries long conflicts over land settlements have restarted with the firing of rockets from land possessed on...

Social studies students use the new library room. In addition to the tables circling the room, the tables in the center of the room are whiteboard tables that students can write on and flip over. “All of the changes have to do with us trying to be responsive to the pandemic and to the different safety protocols,” Watson said. “As everything has unfolded, we’re working with our administration to try to keep everybody as safe as possible, while also trying to provide the best educational experiences possible, and so this year we’ve been able to reopen the libraries.”

Library Creates New Space

Emma Li, Features Editor October 6, 2021

Crisp pages, soft covers, worn tables, tall shelves, infinite possibilities. As the riddle goes, the tallest building in the world is a library, with the most stories and most potential. The hardworking...

Vice President Harris announces her candidacy for Vice President in Wilmington, Delaware

Kamala Harris’s Impact on Future Female Leaders

Allison Loudenback, Reporter February 25, 2021
Harris’s vice presidency has opened the eyes of many to the importance of diverse representation and female leadership. The significance of these elements is often underestimated in a variety of settings, from school clubs to mainstream media.
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