Dont Worry Darling official movie poster.

Jack Chambers v. Tom Burgess

Maya Sagett, Features Editor November 16, 2022

Don't Worry Darling Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. Need I say more? Arguably two of the most attractive humans on the planet are brought together for the psychodrama that left countless jaws on the...

People took the Instagram to support CVPA after the recent shooting. Screenshot via Instagram @cityacademystl.

This Isn’t Really About Guns

Gabrielle Williams, Opinion and Entertainment Editor November 16, 2022

A few weeks ago there was a shooting in St. Louis at a high school twenty minutes away from our own. In our community there was a lot of pain and concern. Questions were asked such as; how could this happen...

Louis Tomlinson’s “Faith In The Future” album cover via Spotify.

Faith in the Future of Music

Gabrielle Williams, Opinion and Entertainment Editor November 16, 2022

The Greatest  The album starts off with a fantastic first impression. This is Louis Tomlinson’s second solo album and he made quite the genre change this go around. From slower pop songs to a rock...

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Isn’t it Just Peachy

Emma Li, Co Editor-in-Chief November 16, 2022

Spending time in high school doing five different activities on top of honors and AP classes is only sustainable in the long term to a small population. Thinking about doing two sports, at least three...

According to USA Facts and Centers for Disease Control and Protection

Supreme Court Overreach

PCH Corral, Editorial Board October 19, 2022

On June 24, people with the capacity for pregnancy in 44 of the 50 Unites States were stripped of their rights to make proactive, safe choices for their physical and mental health and well-being. Immediately...

Sophomore Charan Ramidi highlights the most important points in his chemistry textbook. Photo by Landon Chen.

Sophomore Suggestions

Landon Chen, Staff Reporter October 19, 2022

Freshman year can be tough for a lot of people. Adjusting to a new environment with new people, harder classes and less time can be extremely exhausting and hard to bear. Here are 10 tips I found from...

Screenshot of a Google search of Anthony Hughes, who is one of the victims of the serial killer the Netflix series is based on. There is very little information about him on the internet, however recent articles have come out since the series released, because episode six of the series told his back story in greater depth than the killer’s other victims.

Stop Saying Their Names

Gabrielle Williams, Opinion and Entertainment Editor October 19, 2022

Within the past couple of weeks all anyone can talk about is the new Netflix series telling the story of a serial killer. Notice that I did not name the series or the serial killer in which the series...

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Common Apples

Emma Li, Co Editor-in-Chief October 19, 2022

From drawing pictures of yourself as a pharmacist to architect to grocery store cashier as an elementary aged kid to hearing your mother introduce yourself to people you’ve never met before as “my...

A poster for writing tutoring at Parkway Central High school by their NEHS.

NEHS Tutoring Review

Carli Alper, Staff Reporter June 1, 2022

As I wrap up my first full year of in-person school in two years, I am starting to feel the wear, but with big projects like my English essay, even a little nudge in the right direction can contribute...

Album cover for Harrys House. Photo courtesy of

The Best of Harry Styles

Maya Sagett, Staff Reporter June 1, 2022

Nearly everyone in the world has heard of the famous singer, songwriter, actor, and performer Harry Styles. You may know him from his time in the band One Direction or his solo career that started after...

Screenshot of Pinterest Boards.

Our Generation’s Ability to “Find Themselves”

Gabrielle Williams, Staff Reporter June 1, 2022

I recently figured out why I cut my hair short every year despite always wanting long hair. I have a goal of where I want my hair to grow, and I always cut it off right before I reach that goal. I think...

Photo illustration by Carli Alper.

To Recycle or Not To Recycle?

Carli Alper, Staff Reporter May 31, 2022

Trash cans are often everywhere you look because you almost always have something to put into them, and if you don't see one right away, you can usually just turn a corner and find one. But usually right...

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