Coming together to Celebrate Central

Jenna Lazaroff, Features Editor

March 6, 2019

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This Friday, March 8th is the third annual Celebrate Central. It's a time for ALL students and community members to be recognized and a time to learn about our surroundings. With each year, classics return such as the LGBTQ Panel...

Timely Snow Day

Timely Snow Day

March 1, 2019

What Are You Supposed to do When You Are Stuck at Home for Spring Break?

Danni Schneiderman, Staff Writer

February 15, 2019

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Stranded at home with nothing to do?  Step One: Try to find other friends who are also in town to hang out with. Go see a movie, walk at the park for some exercise, or even play a board game at your kitchen table. Turning y...

Groundhog day

Groundhog day

February 14, 2019

Starting the Semester Right !

Jay Walton, Staff Writer

February 1, 2019

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Welcome back ! Most people don't like to come to school, like me I love to go...home. I am going to tell you how I plan on enjoying the rest of the school year. For starters, I am not a big fan of homework but, falling behind...

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