#Throwback Teachers and staff share their holiday stories!

Nandhini Siva, Staff writer

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Nana Prange –  Assessment Counselor

“I really love when my son comes home from college for Thanksgiving. I don’t really get to see him that often so it’s nice to see him and be together as a family. It’s always a time I look forward to.”

Jennifer Fee-  School Librarian

“I don’t remember much from when I was little. But I do vividly remember when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade and I caught the chicken pox. I went out snow sledding  and when I was heading back inside, I remember just being really really tired. And turned out I had chicken pox. This was during winter break as well! It was awful, I was itchy and tired and just plain sick. But I got over it and got better so I guess it wasn’t that big a deal. But I still remember to this day”

Mattie Rudolph – English Teacher 

“It was over winter break. Me and my family rented a cabin in the woods and I just remember having a really good time there. I mean there was finals to study for, but it was like the Hallmark Christmas. There wasn’t much technology, the TV didn’t work so we just hanged out as a family and enjoyed each other’s company. We explored the woods and saw some deer. We didn’t really get to do that type of stuff back home so it was really cool. It was like being away from the chaos.”

Heather Beal- Math Teacher 

“I don’t really have memories per se. But Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I went to my grandparents in Florida so we didn’t have the classical “White Christmas”, but it was fun anyways. I have the image of good food coming back to me. It was really good food. I didn’t have that many cousins to like “hang” with or annoy, I had like three. Some people may say that’s sad but it was nice in it’s own way… I also remember cramming for finals, since we were on winter break and finals were right after it. That sucked, really bad..but other than that the Christmases I had during my school days were good.”

Melvin Griffin- School Greeter 

” I really loved Christmas because my mother would make the most delicious food ever. Her cake-pies were the best. I had a little brother and I spent time with him. The stereotype for brothers is that they beat each other up, but me and my brother never really did that. I guess I was lucky. I really remember being hyped up for winter break because, well it was break! But the adrenaline of it would wear off when it was over. overall it was a real nice period.”


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#Throwback Teachers and staff share their holiday stories!