Democrats Score Key Senate Seat In Huge Upset In Alabama

Henry T. Eubank, Staff Writer

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Doug Jones (D) beat Judge Roy Moore (R) in a thrilling finale to a special election senate race. Moore’s campaign was plagued by sexual assault allegations from 8 different women, the youngest being 14. Many believe it were these allegations that held many voters from coming to the polls. However, the race was still very close. The balance of power in the senate shifted slightly with the Republicans majority dropping from 52 to 51. This could possibly cause even less action in the senate now that the Republicans cannot afford to lose any votes. That being said, the republican leadership seemed to accept this fate, rather than take in an allege sex offender. Senate leader Mitch McConnell even went as far to say that “Moore should step aside.” Other Republicans spoke out on the issue as well. Certain media outlets criticized the GOP for not doing enough. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said on her show that Leader McConnell didn’t do enough to stop Moore. Many believe that Alabama should be applauded that they put politics aside by not electing Moore. They haven’t elected a democrat to the senate in 25 years, and even he changed his party loyalty to republican two years after he took office.

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Democrats Score Key Senate Seat In Huge Upset In Alabama