What Makes a Good Teacher?

Adam Burnett, staff writer

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       With finals coming up and everything, students start to get nervous about their grades and worry if there teacher will give an easy final or round the 89.99 up to an A. Or will this teacher fail me because he hates me. Students going into the new fresh next semester they tend to change out of a class because its too hard , or some other excuse. But what excuse catches my eye is switching out of a class because of a teacher. A teacher is a teacher, right?

       I asked some of the attending students at Parkway Central on what makes a good teacher. The first student was Cam Aydt. Aydt is a senior at Parkway Central so he has had a lot of teachers at the school and he has an opinion on what makes a good teacher at Central. 

““A teacher who cares about our world because the future of our world depends on our generation of students,” Aydt said. “And making students want to learn and be successful in the future, you have to make them crave to be better, give them motivation to be successful.” Aydt thinks having a good leading, nice, caring teacher makes a good one. And also a teacher who wants their students to succeed.

       Junior Danni Schneiderman had a harder time finding the words  to describe what makes a good teacher. So I asked her what makes a bad teacher. And right away she could describe one.

Someone who is impatient, and someone who doesn’t take the time to care about their students and make sure the understand everything,” Schneiderman said. “Someone is short tempered and doesn’t want the students to be successful” Little did Danni know is she described the opposite of what she thinks a good teacher is. Everything that she describes on what makes a bad teacher is the opposite that describes a good teacher.  

       If you compare Aydts and Schneidermans responses they are the same. I interviewed about 10 more students and they all gave me similar answers. Answering what makes a good teacher or bad teacher could be hard, but people have similar and opposite answers which is cool. Everyone has their own opinion.       

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What Makes a Good Teacher?