Sophomore lived in three countries

Athena Stamos, Managing Editor

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Sophomore Jack Williams with his mom on Jeju Island in South Korea. Photo courtesy of Jack Williams

Three countries in 15 years. Jack Williams, throughout his life, has lived in three countries: United States, South Korea, and Australia. Due to his father having a job with Boeing as a defense contractor, Williams had to move three times.
Moving and experiencing these countries made Williams “a lot smarter, and more open-minded.”
Williams spent second through fourth grade in Australia, and sixth through eighth grade in South Korea.
According to Williams, South Korea felt much more academic, and “nobody did extracurricular activities; they would just have private tutors.”
For Australia, Williams enjoyed the weather and felt sports were emphasized more than academics. Williams felt that sports in South Korea weren’t as competitive as Australia.
“In South Korea, there was really no hanging out with friends,” Williams said.
However, in Australia, every other Friday, students would have a half-day in order to play sports.
It was in South Korea that the Williams family gained two new members. A dog named Max and Olivia, William’s little sister who was adopted from China. Williams was hoping to attend the Olympics in South Korea, however his father’s contract ended. In Australia, the only pets Williams had were eleven fish in which he had to leave them all behind.
Williams has been in the United States since eighth grade, and enjoys the balance of sports and academics.

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Sophomore lived in three countries