Signing Day

Alex Maisenhelder, Staff Writer

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On February 7th, at Parkway Central, twelve athletes committed to representing a college in their sport. We had seven athletes commit for football, two for soccer, and one for rowing, one for volleyball, one for softball, and one for track and field.

Devin Rice: Committed to Quincy University for football. “I know the level of play is going to be a lot harder and faster, but I am accepting the challenge and going to do whatever I can to compete.”

Cory Rice: Committed to Quincy University for football. “I know it’s going to be hard to get a starting spot but I am willing to put in the hard work and compete everyday at practices.”

Corey Freebersyser: Committed to Missouri Baptist for football. “Personally I just want to help out the team in anyway I’m needed and just be the best player I can be.”

Noah Wittner: Committed to Missouri Baptist for football. “I hope to perform the best I can and be even better than I was this year and continue to run hard and score, and most importantly have a winning record.”

Gerald Lenoir: Committed to Millikin University to play football. “I want to work hard and make an impact and I know it’s not going to be easy, but that’s why I gotta work hard.”

Jayden Mitchell: Committed to McKendree for football. ” I wish to perform at the best of my ability and to make sure no one stands in my way.”

Arther Green: Committed to Hutchinson community college for football. “When I get there I want to play good so I can go to a bigger school.”

Marissa Brady: Committed to Truman to continue her career in track and field. “I am super excited about the level of competition that I will be competing at next year! My goals and expectations for myself are very high and I cannot wait to see where I go.”

Lizzy Millner: Committed to Southwestern Illinois College to continue her softball career. “I’m extremely excited for college ball! I hope that I perform well so that I will be able to continue playing at a higher level after my two years at junior college. I’m excited to be facing better competition and hope that I am able to rise to the occasion!”

Michael Ellinger: Committed to Westminster College to play soccer. “I am happy to move on to a new challenge and look forward to improving.”

Claire Whitehouse: Committed to Westminster College to play volleyball. “I just hope that I’ll stay healthy and be able to consistently play throughout my four years there.”

Madison Canoy: Committed to Maryville University to continue her soccer career. “I hope to continue improving my soccer skills so that I can contribute to the program and play.”

Miranda Horn: Committed to Kansas for rowing. “I hope to perform to the best of my abilities to help my team be as competitive as possible.”

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