Spring Sports Athletes to Watch

Logan Potts, Staff Writer

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Anthony Klein throws a pitch on 5/13/17

Morgan Shea

New school, new team. Sophomore Morgan Shea takes on the challenge as a first year student at Parkway Central and a first year player on the girls varsity lacrosse team.
“I am used to being a new student because my family moves every couple of years,” Shea said. “My dad is a Marine and we move every 2-3 years. I enjoy being able to play on new teams and help the team out however I can.”
Although she’s new to the Parkway Central lacrosse team, she is not new to lacrosse.
“I started playing lacrosse when I was in fifth grade,” Shea said. “I’ve played both recreational and club, and played when I lived in California, Florida, and now St. Louis.”
As a sophomore on varsity, Shea looks to contribute as much as she can to helping the team win games.
“I want to improve my skills so that I can help our team win as many games as possible,” Shea said. “I want us to be as successful as we can.” Watch out for Morgan Shea as she looks to make an impact and help the lacrosse team win as much as they can.

Anthony Klein

Like Shea, Anthony Klein is a sophomore playing a varsity sport. Klein is playing his second season of varsity baseball.
“Being on varsity freshman year was a great experience,” Klein said. “I got to learn from the older guys on the team and got to face some great competition.”
On the mound, Klein had a 3-5 record with a 2.65 Earned Run Average. At the plate, Klein had a .250 batting average with 8 doubles and he drove in 12 runs.
“I expect to be a leader and help the new guys on varsity be the best that they can be,” Klein said. “I also want to improve and be the best I can be.”
Last season, Klein was the only freshman to play full time on varsity and even as a freshman, had great success and a huge impact.
“My pitching contributed the most to my success last season,” Klein said.
As a young player on varsity, Klein had deal with stress that he wouldn’t have had to deal with if he wasn’t playing on as big of a stage.
“I felt pressure from myself mainly because I put a lot stress on myself when pitching because being a freshman on varsity is stressful sometimes,” Klein said.
Look for Klein to improve his game and have a huge impact in his second season of playing varsity.

Ogechi Okpara

Improvement. That is what junior Ogechi Okpara is striving for as a runner on the girl’s track team.
“My performance last year was horrible,” Okpara said. “I didn’t put in as much effort as I do now.”
On a team with not very many upperclassmen, Okpara knows she needs to step it up.
“The difference between this year and last year is my positive attitude and the fact that my team doesn’t have as many upperclassmen and it’s causing me to be a leader,” Okpara said.
Last year, Okpara’s fastest 100 meter dash time was 13.47 seconds, and her fastest 200 meter dash time was 28.68 seconds.
“I have many goals but to be realistic, the goals I have as of now is to be a great 400 meter runner and focus on my main events, the 200 meter and the 100 meter,” Okpara said. “My biggest goal this year is to qualify for state.”
Look for Okpara to improve on her sophomore season.

Jack Meier

Coming off of a state championship, Jack Meier prepares for his senior season on the boys volleyball team.
“I think we had a great season last year,” Meier said. “We won state and it doesn’t get much better than that. We hope to repeat this year.”
The team looks ready contend for another state title.
“We need to keep working hard at practice and try to get better,” Meier said. “We return 6 of 7 starters from last year but we all need to step up and fill that hole.”
Although Meier played all four seasons in high school, this may be his last year playing volleyball.
“I do not plan on playing in college,” Meier said. “Playing a college sport is a huge time commitment but I may try out for club at Mizzou.”
Look for Meier to have a good final season and for the volleyball team to make another run a state title.

Allison Logan

Allison Logan is in her final year of playing a varsity sport for Parkway Central as a member of the girls soccer team.
“This year I hope to get closer than ever with my team because it’s my last year,” Logan said.
Last season, Logan had four goals and one assist as a junior on the varsity team.
“I thought last year was fun and I really enjoyed playing with the team,” Logan said.
Last season, the team had a 4-15 win-loss record.
“I want us to win half of our games this year,” Logan said.
Logan also enjoys the soccer friendships with players that aren’t on her team.
“I really look forward to playing friends that go to other schools as well,” Logan said.
Look for Logan and the girls soccer team to have a good season in her final year on the team.