Dear people who stand in the hallway, MOVE


Madeline Lee, News Editor

Let’s break it down. There are more than 1,200 students in this school, 13 departments, and one major hallway. When you decide to stop and talk with your friends, hug your significant other, or congregate in an area that makes people need to go around you, you are creating an annoying and dangerous problem.
By making people go around you, you create a higher density traffic that makes people stop, trip, get pushed or shoved around, and be late to class. Whether it’s “hell hallway” or the English hallway, go to class to talk to your friends or wait until after school. Don’t waste people’s time because you cannot to realize that there are more people in this school than just you and your friends.

You force administrators to take away from doing their jobs to usher you around, you create disturbances when you walk in late to class, and you force other students to resort to pushing and shoving in order to get to class on time.
You congest the hallways like a bad cold, clogging up the arteries and preventing the heart from functioning. You are the sickness in the otherwise perfectly healthy body, and it is time for you to heal it.
It is great that you have friends, it’s awesome that you have a significant other, it’s nice that you can hold a conversation, do it somewhere else. If you see your friend, say hi and keep walking. If you see your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can get to class and text them. Don’t plague the hallways with your inability to recognize an appropriate time and place.
Thank you, and hopefully I won’t have to write another version of this letter. See you in class, and not in the hallways.