Sucrose is a Sweet Local Business


Libby Archer, Editor in Chief

Sucrose is a delicious and adorable local business that I believe we should all support. For Allison Logan’s birthday, we went to this bakery that Mrs. Stricker suggested in St. Charles. Little did we know, while making the journey out there, that our lives and taste buds would be forever changed.

This place smells so freaking good. The only way to describe it would be a mix of cotton candy and heaven. We were immediately greeted by the husband-wife-owners. They were incredibly sweet and patient with my ever-changing order. I repeatedly altered my order once I saw new different pastries that I had overlooked before. After about five minutes of contemplating every option, I decided on a hot earl grey latte, two macaron and a lemon poppy seed cake. The tea was a personal suggestion from one of the owners because he saw me struggling with the many options. Allison got a cinnamon crumble coffee cake and a chai tea latte.

The workers took the pastries from the glass case and just heated them up in the microwave. This was not my favorite thing in the world, but I understand that they need to use microwaves sometimes. They made our teas at this adorable coffee bar and served us our desserts on a prison-chic tray.

This place is perfect for kids. They had a partially detached eating area, complete with a coloring spot, childrens toys and plenty of space. The room was big enough that Allison and I were able to have a relaxing meal without being bothered by the little kids that were in the same room. This location in St. Charles gave the bakery the perfect home atmosphere because the building is in a mostly residential area.

Allison and I sat on a nice long couch, which was not best for our slightly messy desserts, but was very homey. My latte was amazing. The earl grey was mixed with cinnamon, caramel and frothed up with milk. Allison’s chai tea latte was also delicious but was a little too cold. We both would have prefered for our drinks to be hotter.

The lemon cake was to die for. I am a lemon lover and this was one of the best lemon poppy seed pastries I have had in a long time. It had the consistency of a pound cake while still tasting fresh because of the lemon. Allison’s coffee cake was very messy but overall very good. We created a mess but it was well worth it to sit on the couch. The whole experience made me feel like a 30-something year old mom catching up with her bestie.

Last but definitely not least were the best macarons I have ever had. I got the lemon and the chai flavor, and they were so large and airy that it was well worth the steep price. It seems like every french bakery I go to tries to keep their macarons small, but Sucrose’s made theirs so that one cookie still took three or four bites.

Sucrose is the perfect destination for a first date, job interview, small engagement party, brunch with your girlfriends, PTO meeting, post shopping snack, or instagram photo shoot. Slightly over priced, but it was a great spot to take my best friend on her birthday.