Does Technology Limit Creativity?

Danni Schneiderman, Staff Writer

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“I think technology does limit creativity because whenever we don’t know an answer, or can’t figure something out, we look it up on our phones. We don’t come up with creative solutions, instead we type it into our phones”- Jake Moritz


“I don’t think technology limits creativity because, personally, being in AP 2D design, I watch all these people using Adobe photoshop and illustrator and they create the craziest, coolest looking images. It allows people to incorporate more logical skills into creativity as well” – Avery Cooper


“No because a lot of creativity is through technology and people design stuff on computers and that’s technology” – Nathan Sharp


“Just glancing at this question, my mind immediately darts to the most ‘plausible’ answer, which is a clear no. There is a stigma in today’s age that the generation born into cell phones lack creativity and determination, but I see the opposite. When we are in constant access to technology, we are exposed to information and topics from all around the world, seeing and learning things we would never have even pictured if it was not for technology. Our minds see much more as a result of technology of technology, spurring our brains to stay active, focused and thinking. This in turn leads to an increase in thought when we’re not on our technology, resulting in an uptake in creativity” – Jonathon Nathan


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Does Technology Limit Creativity?