The Unrealistic Stereotypes that Tv Shows Advertise about High School

Danni Schneiderman, Staff Writer

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Popular shows with teens like Riverdale, Vampire Diaries, 90210, and many others can seriously impact the lives of students who are actually in high school. These shows revolve around the lives of students and all the drama that comes along with high school. No matter how entertaining they are, shows like these can set a false expectation for what high school is actually like.


Actors and actresses spend hours getting their hair and makeup done before shooting a scene. This is very unrealistic and illustrates a false representation of what high schoolers normally look like. An average student has 15-30 minutes to get ready before school which includes getting dressed, eating breakfast, preparing your book bag, potentially making a lunch, or even adding final touches to homework due that day! There is a stark difference between the fantasy life of a high school student in Riverdale and the reality of what school is actually like.


In addition to the differences in physical appearance, most tv shows that take place in high school rarely show students doing homework, sitting in class time, or studying. These shows are focused on the drama like friendship conflicts, love triangles and more. These aspects are the “entertaining” parts of high school, but in reality only consume a minuscule amount of a students day.


Shows that are popular with teens are entertaining and fun to watch, but they can seriously alter the expectation of what high school is really like.

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The Unrealistic Stereotypes that Tv Shows Advertise about High School