Claudia Sanders, Staff Writer

Throughout Parkway Central, there are many issues with how the students treat our school. There are two main problems that I have seen during my three years of high school. The lunchroom is one of the most problematic rooms in this school. Students of all grades are piled into the lower and upper commons area yelling and throwing food like wild animals.

One thing I will never forget is right after the ACT day, I was getting ready to sit down and enjoy my lunch after frying my brain for three hours straight. As soon as I pulled my seat out, I noticed something flying overhead and then SPLAT. The flying object fell from the height of the ceiling in the lower commons covering my backpack, my clothes, and junior, Avery Cooper in a coat of fresh, cold chocolate milk. I am not the only victim of these small food fights that happen because at least once a day, I see a flying piece of food flying towards a clueless peer. In order to change the way we students of Parkway Central High School enjoy our lunch period, we must realize that even though we might still be legally children, there comes a time when growing up is a necessity.

Many times I have run into another issue within these halls, the state of the bathrooms. The PCH janitors work tirelessly to keep the whole school up to par by cleaning up the classrooms every day, picking up food in the lunchrooms, and scrubbing the dirty bathrooms top to bottom. I think that if we were able to pick up after ourselves and quit confusing lunch-time for play-time like the young adults we are turning into, Parkway Central High School would be a cleaner, happier place.