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Jenna Lazaroff, Staff Writer

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With online shopping so accessible to our everyday use its way easier to just look at your favorite store online and have it shipped right to your front door… but is it really that great? I asked some students to see which they prefer, online shopping or the old fashioned way of walking into a store.  “I prefer online shopping especially if I know that I don’t have to try any clothes on,” junior Tyler Houlthous said. “I also prefer online because it seems to be quicker and sometimes you can see a wider variety of products.”

What comes along with online shopping is having to return items which can sometimes be a big hassle. “It is frustrating, if that happens I usually send it back then go to the physical store in order to find what I need,” Houlthous said.

Obviously some sites were more trustworthy and higher quality than others such as those coming from China that take months. “Benefits to shopping in stores are that I can mix and match several outfits and really get to feel the material and comfort it gives me as i wear them. I can never go wrong with picking the wrong size for my fit.” Junior David Portillo said.

Overall I got the impression that most people prefer to order online for a few simple reasons, It’s easier to lay in bed and shop for exactly what you want with just a few key search words. There is thousands of options, from all over the world. It gets delivered to your doorstep within a number of days.

Junior Myori Felix would agree, “You can try things on and actually get a feel for how they fit & look on you which makes the whole stressful process of going to the store way easier.”

While most people agree that shopping online is easier Sophomore Molly Heitz is the one to disagree. “In stores because I can try the clothes on or see whatever it is in person,” Heitz said. Some benefits to shopping online is that you don’t have to go and get it sometimes they have better options online because they can’t keep it all in stores. it is very frustrating because then you have to return it and wait even longer.”


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How We Shop