Champs Return to New Year


Teagan Dunne slides during the game against Rockwood Summit on Sept 5. Photo by Megan Fisher.

Myori Felix, Staff Writer

Getting back into the season after bringing home the soccer championship can be an intimidating thing, especially for newcomers on the team.

“I definitely have some nerves on my back from being new,” sophomore Teagan Dunne said after his first few weeks on the varsity team. Although he feels nervous he still feels confident in his ability to “overcome the hype and step up to the occasion.” The expectations for the team, following the state championship, can add additional nerves.

“I think there definitely is an expectation that we should do good this year since we won last year,” Teagan said. The boys have started off the season with 6 wins and 3 losses and 1 tie, but this doesn’t hinder their confidence for the rest of the season. In fact, veteran player Camden Dunne feels good about their start to the season.

“We look better at the start of this season than we did last year,” Camden said. At the start of a season it can be difficult to find your groove and make the chemistry come together. Senior Justin Hathcock, who plays wing mid thinks that the team will do just fine. They started off the season facing Ladue, who players felt would be one of the more challenging teams to beat, and they were right

“The talents there, we just have to find a way to play together,” Hathcock said. As far as taking home the state championship once again players feel confident in their ability to do it once again. “Yes I feel the confidence that we can win again, we just need to progress throughout the season and stay together as a team and work as a team,” said Teagan and senior brother Camden feels the same way.

“I’m confident but we have to keep working hard and take it one game at a time.” senior Camden said.