Eliminating Aluminum

Are you willing to make the deodorant switch?


Lindsay Dehn, Staff Writer

Deodorant, most of the time, is essential to human beings who sweat, but sometimes people don’t take into consideration on what’s actually in it and how they are affecting our body.

The purpose of antiperspirants/deodorants is to make us sweat less and smell better with the fragrance that it provides. What most of us don’t realize when we are buying these products, is that the deodorant contains aluminum, which is a very common ingredient found in deodorants.

Aluminum chlorohydrate is a chemical compound and is one of the most common ingredients found in most antiperspirants/deodorants.

The aluminum in the deodorant is actually blocking the sweat glands in your armpits. With the glands being blocked, the sweat gets trapped underneath the skin causing bacteria to build. This bacteria is the reason why you smell a foul odor in the armpits.

To really put the cherry on top, Jessica Cruel found that “the acidity of the aluminum compounds causes a reaction with fabric leaving a “lovely” yellow reminder of your perspiration” and who wants this on their white t-shirt?

Non aluminum deodorants not only claim to reduce wetness, they also reduce body odor by combating the bacteria that feed on your sweat. According to Jessica Cruel, senior editor of beauty, “Natural deodorants use essential oils like tea tree and witch hazel to curb the bacteria” these natural ingredients are much healthier on your skin, especially if you have more sensitive skin.

As humans, we are meant to sweat a healthy amount everyday, but when deodorants are preventing us from this natural process My resolution to this problem is to make switch and try to start using non-aluminum deodorants.

I’ve noticed a tremendous difference, but it takes a month or so to actually start realizing the results. By using non-aluminum deodorants, not only are you putting less chemicals on your body, but you’re letting your body work naturally and the healthier way.

These products are very easy to find, you can go to Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods, or order offline. There are many different brands to choose from. One of my favorites is Toms’ because it’s very affordable. Also I enjoy Nourish, which has my favorite scents, almond vanilla and lavender mint.