Abby Prywitch

Assortment of planners students bought for the 2018-19 school year.

Kaylee Canoy, Staff Writer

In the year of 2018-19, students at Parkway Central High School did not receive planners, due to new codes of conducts the planners are being remodeled this year to include the new rules.

“Not many students used their planners, so we thought it would be okay to delay them for one year while we revise the Student Handbook. Many students prefer to use an electronic calendar on their personal devices instead of a paper planner,” assistant principal Shenita Mayes said.

Every year the school pays $5,000 to buy everyone planners. Students share how they feel disoriented and have been forgetful of homework and had to go buy a planner themselves.

“Personally I need to write everything down right when it’s assigned so I know to do it,” freshman Nancy Pate Eubank said. “I used planners provided by the school all throughout middle school and elementary. It’s different not having one, but it’s easy to adjust to.”

Like Eubank, some other students agreed they personally liked to write down their homework and many had to go out and buy a planner for the new school year. None of the students use their phone to write down their homework. Parents spend money on school supplies, and planners were another item to spend money on.

“I enjoy getting one because I can get whatever style I choose but it’s a bigger hassle and more money for my parents to spend,” sophomore Emma Kodner said.

On the other hand some students did not feel as strongly as others and didn’t even care about not being given a planner.

“Usually only use my planner the first two weeks of school so it doesn’t really matter to me,” senior Preston Chen said.

Some students feel that they would not use their planners, while others are mourning their loss.

“I write down all my homework in my planner and now I gotta go buy my own planner because my own school isn’t providing me a planner,” sophomore Dylan Floyd said, “Taking away my sense of organization, now I’m less confident in my school work.”