The Sugar Factory Food Review


Abby Prywitch

PCH Publications staff member sophomores, Sydney Stahlschmidt and Sydney Kolker, drinking The Watermelon Patch drink at The Sugar Factory during the journalism convention in Chicago.

     The Sugar Factory not only had good food and drinks but it was also a great experience. The PCH Publications staff went to the JEA NSPCA National Highschool Journalism Convention located in Chicago. Leaving Thursday morning with no convention activities planned, we decided to go to The Sugar Factory because we wanted to try the Instagram famous restaurant known for their popular drinks, deserts, and colorful foods.
    Right when we arrived the atmosphere of the restaurant was so amazing. They had a photo booth for pictures, Candy Based wallpaper, all colors of the rainbow everywhere, and just the overall look of the place was so cute and exciting. They even had pictures of celebrities that had been there in the past who even got drinks named after them.
    We made reservations, but when we arrived there was almost no wait and surprisingly wasn’t as crowded as we had expected. When I sat down at the table, everything was so cute and fit the aesthetic of the colorful and fun restaurant perfectly. Even the booth that we sat in fit the color themes and every place of the restaurant was great for a photo opportunity.
    As soon as we sat down at the table, there was someone ready to bring us our menus and ask if we needed anything. The service was really good and very friendly with everything that we needed. Especially with special requests like food allergies, they took very seriously and made sure that everything was perfect for everyone.
    My favorite part was definitely ordering one of the popular drinks that I had seen all over Instagram, and when I heard we were planning on going, I looked up what I wanted in advance because I was so excited to try it. I ordered The Watermelon Patch Goblet drink that was pink and had Watermelon Sour Patch Kids in it. The color and decorating of the drink was so pretty but also tasted amazing too. The drink itself tasted almost like a sparkling water, but so much better. The candy also added an extra sweet, but somewhat sour taste, which I loved. When the guy added the dry ice at the beginning, the drink looked so cool and I couldn’t wait to take a video of it. Not only did the dry ice add a cool effect, but it made the bottom of the drink almost slushie-like which was super cool and tasted really good.
    If I had any negative points of the overall flavor of the drink, it would simply just be that the dry ice made the candy somewhat hard and extra chewy, but they still tasted really good. Also, the fact that there was so much ice in the cup that we got not very much of the actual drink. The flavor overall was outstanding, but for the cost of $26.50 for one goblet with so much ice and not very much drink, I thought was a little outrageous. But I think it was cool to at least try. I would rate the drink a 9 out of 10.
    For my actual meal, I got the Chinese Chicken Salad which cost $17.95. The overall salad was super good and the best part was definitely the chicken because it was really flavorful, I just wish they would have given a little more than just a few pieces for how much lettuce that I got. The salad itself was more like a slaw, so if you don’t like slaw I definitely wouldn’t recommend. But myself, I love slaw so it was really good. I also really like the Asian flavors that it added with the sesame and the dressing, it was super delectable. The only thing I would change or say I didn’t like about the salad was that they added a huge amount of dressing, almost too much. I usually like a good amount of dressing but this was just a lot. The big amount of dressing made the lettuce a little soggy but it was really that bad. I would rate the salad an 8 out of 10.
    Overall I think my experience at The Sugar Factory went extremely well. I really enjoyed the food and would like to go back. The prices were a little high and I split the goblet drink with a friend so it made it a little bit cheaper. But the cost, in the end, was a lot more than I think both of the items were worth, even though they tasted good. Everything was definitely way overpriced. However, the flavors were amazing and the atmosphere of everything was so cute and great for a photo opportunity and a fun place to hang out with friends. I think it was a really good place to go when visiting Chicago with family or friends and it’s a great experience. I don’t know if I would go there again or many more times, simply because of the cost, but I think everyone should try the restaurant at least once in their life because it was super cool. I would rate the overall restaurant deserves a rate of 9 out of 10, one point away for cost, but everything else, pretty amazing.

Sydney Stahlschmidt
The Chinese Chicken Salad from The Sugar Factory. The Cost was $17.95.