Be Confident, Be You

Jayla Walton, Staff Writter

How to overcome insecurities and fears? In my opinion everything happens for a reason. Everyone is born equally beautiful in every way. So don’t let anyone tell you differently. I was once short, boney, and got called all sorts of things. Skeleton, tree branch, I was even called little boy because I had no “Girl Parts,” That used to really get to me so I started to eat more, talk less, show less skin, wear tighter clothes to make me look as if I was growing which I wasn’t for a while.
Then about a year later everyone started to see this difference in me. I grew 3 inches , gained 5 pounds, got my “Girl Parts,” but I still wasn’t like all of the the other girls so I kept going. I tried everything to get my “Girl Parts” to grow which was childish I later learned I can’t do anything about that. I gave up. I couldn’t get myself to get “Thick,” that’s what all the boys called it. So I cried to my mom about it. I became really insecure. I soon met a group of girls who appeared to have the same problems as me. They were , skinny, tall. Some skinnier and taller than me. Which didn’t stop them from being comfortable.
I realized I was comfortable in my own skin because of other people’s opinions, which isn’t me. I began to slowly get more and more confident and embracing my shape. There was nothing wrong with me to me. It’s just how other people saw me. You just have to stay positive and remember you have to live for you not for anyone else. Be comfortable , be yourself. Nobody can tell you how to look. There’s no such thing is too big or too small, beauty cannot be measured, and if people don’t see how beautiful you are who cares. Look in the mirror and see for yourself. Nothing can define you but you.