Abby Prywitch

Cafe student manager YuTing Shi places an order sticker on a customers cup.

Abby Prywitch, Social Media Director

 This year the Colt Cafe managers have been working to improve the atmosphere and efficiency at the cafe. The managing team of six students work alongside Business teachers Kim Carr and Sarah Lueken to make these collective decisions.

“They are in charge, and implement the vision they have created,” Carr said.  

Recently, a new ordering system has been implemented to help with crowding and ordering.

“A sticker that is placed on the cup with the customers name and order. We have also made it so that after someone orders something, they move to the pick up side [which is] to their left. This helps with crowdedness and order,” senior Zoe Hahn said, who is a student manager. With these new changes the ordering process is now less time-consuming and more organized.

“We also wanted to improve the atmosphere of the cafe, so we rearranged the seating to create smaller groupings instead of all rows. We are also in the process of changing out some of the decor,” Carr said.

Soon a big chalkboard will be full of their products and specials.

“It’ll be like how our old board was in Mrs. Schwent’s room but bigger and better–a big chalkboard full of our products and specials,” senior Sandi Chasnoff said, who is a student manager.

There are also many behind the scenes changes being made, including a new sign up system to work for the cafe. Students interested in working at the cafe can sign up online at SignUpGenius. In order to work at the cafe, you must be in a business class.

“This change was made so that we could be more organized and keep better track of who was working,” senior Mollie Weinberg said, who is a student manager.

The cafe managers are working on advertising for the cafe and trying to post on their Instagram story almost every B Day.

“When we started getting more people to follow on our Instagram, we gained a huge amount of customers the following day. Keep your eyes out for specials and new items on our Instagram,” Chasnoff said.

The managing team have been making these changes to enhance the overall customer experience when going to cafe.

“I believe these changes are gaining more customers, like the flyers definitely gotfsa people to know about the cafe and our social media has helped as well,” Hahn said.

“If you haven’t visited [the cafe] you should stop by,” Weinberg said.

The cafe is continuing to change and make improvements. Some of these changes have nothing to do with coffee.

“We do for see new changes in the future. We hope to incorporate art into the cafe at some point and start up with our new chalkboard, and besides that, I’m sure we will continue to change things and continue to update as well,” Hahn said.

“Our team is working hard to provide the best service and products so our customers can get the horsepower they need,” Chasnoff said.