How to get through finals week

Myori Felix, Staff Writer

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Finals week is here, and this can be the most stressful time of the year for high school students, if you feel yourself struggling, here are a few tips I find helpful to get myself through the week.


  1. Plan your outfits and pack your bag the night before. This alleviates extra stress in the mornings and any amount of stress is good to eliminate.
  2. Make sure you feel ready. No matter how hard you’ve study, how confident you feel can make a big difference… Make sure to tell yourself you got this!
  3. Eat a nutritious breakfast. This is something we always hear, but it’s actually so important. Whatever you eat will set your mind and body up for the rest of the day.
  4. Bring water and a snack to keep yourself fueled and hydrated throughout the day. Two 2 hour finals can be a lot to sit through.
  5. Remember to breathe! Sometimes the weight of stress can pull you down, but one simple deep breath can get you back in the right headspace.
  6. Most importantly don’t let yourself get too stressed, keep a positive attitude and remind yourself it’s almost over!

Good luck to all, and have a wonderful winter break!