Food Review of Crushed Red

Tori Favazza, Staff Writer

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Saint Louis is full of restaurant gems, from burger joints to sandwich shops. Crushed Red, a restaurant chain known for their salad and pizza, is one of those gems. With new catering options, fast and fresh food, and great customer service, Crushed Red is growing greatly in popularity. I’ve been there on multiple occasions, and never have I walked out feeling unsatisfied.

Recently, I went and ordered their Farmer’s Market salad, and a bowl of hot bean soup. They not only have option choices with their salads, but you have the ability to create your own salad to give the customer more flexibility. The Farmer’s Market includes roasted turkey breast, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, apples and cranberries, field greens, and honey mustard dressing. You can take out and add whatever you please as well, if you have any allergies or don’t prefer one item in the salad.

The bean soup just came as is, with not only beans but meat as well. The salad was refreshing, all the ingredients mixed well together, and the title even went well with the taste. The bean soup was hearty, which I personally enjoy in soups, and it had a thick consistency and taste that lasted in my mouth. I highly recommend Crushed Red to anyone who likes simple but refreshing meals, and a calm environment. I will be returning very soon, and expect the same great food I’ve always been given.