When Gas Prices Go Down, They Won’t Stay There Very Long

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When Gas Prices Go Down, They Won’t Stay There Very Long

Kaylee Canoy, Staff Writer

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The average gas price in Missouri is around $2.22, but changes constantly. Gas prices change daily based on local supply and demand. As demand increases or supply decreases, the price of crude oil increases. Prices can change rapidly if something were to disrupt crude oil supplies, refinery operations, or gasoline pipeline deliveries. Even when the prices are stable, gas prices can increase or decrease because of seasonal changes. The president’s powers are limited when it deals with the gas price changes, but he could approve drilling permits and pipelines to increase oil supply.

Are students as aware regarding gas prices? Miranda Blatt, a sophomore doesn’t go to a specific gas station,

Honestly I just go to any gas station I see when I get low on gas. I try to look for the lowest prices, but I never actually end up going to those places,” Blatt said. She also talks about a app you can download to give you information on gas stations near you. It’s a app you can download that will update you on the lowest gas prices near your location.

“My mom told me when I first started driving to download GasBuddy, so I could look for all the cheapest gas prices and I did, but now I don’t really look at it and I just kind of get gas when I need it or when I see a gas station near by.” Blatt also adds, ” My mom doesn’t like when I don’t use the app because she thinks I should know when I’m running out of gas ahead of time, but for me it’s more of a see a gas station and then see how much gas I have left.”

Michael Murphy, a senior pays for his own gas for his car. He actually pays for the  higher gas price option, which is 93 premium. Murphy mentions how the shell by his house has a better 93 premium plan than other gas stations near him. Murphy adds,

“I pay around $20-$25 around every two weeks and I’m not very conscious unless I have no money in my bank account.”

Sarah Burgess is a new English teacher this year, where she had previously worked at a school in California. Burgess talks about how the prices for gas has changed drastically since she moved her,

Coming from California, gas prices are so much higher than they are in the midwest so when I have friends or my mom come to visit their like woah, they cannot believe the gas prices, so I feel like it’s good and I’m still getting used to it and I don’t mind when the price goes up because it is still a great price,” Burgess said. Then she mentions how her husband is very conscious about gas prices,

“My husband is more conscious than I am about it gas prices, but we do talk about it, so like if has to drive a quite amount of ways to big meetings, so if we have to drive more than an hour he drives the sedan because it has better gas mileage then the minivan,” Burgess said.

The current average for regular gas in Missouri is around $2.25 which is a decline from the average from last year which is around $2.60. As well in Missouri, premium is an average of around $2.84 which is also a decrease from the average of $3.13 from the previous year. Missouri’s gas prices compared to California’s is lower and has a larger decrease since the previous year’s. The average in California for regular gas is around $3.24 compared to last year’s average of around $3.35. For premium, the current average is around $3.50 which is also a decrease from last years average of $3.60. Although the gas prices averages have decreased, there is still around a dollar difference from the average in Missouri from California.