Strive for the Gold

Freshman Girl Scout of nine years aims for Gold Award

Athena Stamos, Editor-in-Chief

Freshman Taylor Boaz has participated in Girl Scouts since she was five years old. Currently, she is working on her Gold Award.

The purpose of the Gold Award is to identify an issue, investigate it thoroughly, create a plan, and present the plan. Once the participant presents, they gather feedback, help take action, educate, and inspire others.

Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors are the only members of Girl Scouts are eligible for the Gold Award according to Additionally, each participant must complete two Senior or Ambassador Journeys or earn the Silver Award and complete only one Senior or Ambassador Journey. Each Journey that is completed relates to the project.

Boaz’s Gold Award is specifically about asthma and allergies in communal spaces. Asthma has been a big part in her personal life too.

Only six percent of Girl Scouts receive the Gold Award according to

Boaz has done preparation and research for her Gold Award. She plans to create an informational poster and a video. She will be presenting it to Parkway and maybe other school districts in the near future.

“I have learned to be the respectful leader and advocate everyone should be,” Boaz said. “It’s taught me survival and responsibility skill, and how to get out of my comfort zone.”


The Gold Award also requires a minimum of 80 hours to get the project done.

“With it being the highest award in Girl Scouts, you have to put all of your effort into it.”

She has been working on her Gold Award since 2016 once she finished her Silver Award. The Gold Award “is the highest achievement.”

Besides achieving the highest award, she had the opportunity to learn more leadership skills, and entrepreneurial skills. She has also had the experience of camping, learning new skills with marketing, and career building skills, and working with others.

One of Boaz’s favorite memories with Girl Scouts was going to Savannah, Georgia. In Georgia, Boaz participated in a Girl Scout quest with people all over the world.

She learned a lot about how much trash is in the ocean and how it affects the animals especially turtles.

“To actually see it motivates you to watch how you pollute the Earth,” Boaz said.

Boaz got involved in Girl Scouts because of her mother. Her mother encouraged Boaz and her friends to join. Boaz decided to stay because “I like all the new adventures, traveling, awards, badges, and scholarships.”

During the holidays, Boaz works in food pantries and bakes for holiday parties for Girl Scouts.

“Helping your community and others, meeting new people, and making friends” have been some of Boaz’s favorite experiences from Girl Scouts.

On top of participating in Girl Scouts, Boaz has also been dancing since three years old. She is currently on the dance team as well.