Captain Marvel: Excitingly Average

Why Marvel's newest film really isn't so marvelous

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Captain Marvel: Excitingly Average

Brett Smith, Entertainment Editor

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe. With 20 successful films under its wings, the MCU has conquered the world with its moving stories and jaw-dropping visuals over the past decade. And before Avengers: Endgame hits cinemas, one more movie is granted to audiences across the globe who are anxious for the conclusion of this almost 11-year-journey. But is Captain Marvel a worthy addition to the extensive movie anthology, or will this be the first real blunder the nearly unstoppable company has faced?

Honestly, I’m torn. I went into this film with no real expectations, and I wasn’t really sure who it would perform. Then I actually went to go see the film. I went to the IMAX theatre the Thursday night it released, with a sold out crowd of all things.

The positive turn out made me very excited. And as the opening credits rolled, a very sweet tribute to Stan Lee, who recently passed away last November, was brought to the screen. And afterwards, our entire theatre was applauding. Then the film started. Here’s what I felt about Marvel’s latest production.

First off, the Skrulls. I’ve been a comic fan for as long as I can remember, and finally getting to see the shapeshifting skrulls on the big screen was a big deal for me. But it had to be done right to be effective, and it absolutely was. The makeup on each of the Skrulls was especially impressive, with each one looking unique and given a character through their face. And Ben Mendelson’s performance as Talos, the main Skrull in the film, is absolutely fantastic in a role that would have been a bland throwaway had he been performed by anyone else.

Really all the acting in this film was superb. And when you have Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelson and Jude Law in your film, how could you not expect to have a movie filled with incredible acting. However, there definitely things that are not the best with this film. For example, there’s a certain point in this film where a question that had been floating around for the MCU’s entire existence is answered. And it’s not only disappointing, but it’s also just silly and pretty stupid. For expecting something epic, especially with what this character stated about it in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we were definitely not impressed with this reality (I can’t exactly say what, because spoilers).

My main issue, among other things I can’t talk about here, was that I really never connected at all with Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel). And this isn’t because Brie Larson’s performance was terrible, she actually did a great job. And I could tell that she’s someone that you need to care about since she will be a big part of the next Avengers film, but I just didn’t click with her. While the writing of her character is probably to blame, for me she just felt bland and not nearly as interesting as Talos or Nick Fury. In my opinion, though it’s her film, Captain Marvel is not at all the best part of this film. But that might also just be because this is an origin movie, and characters are better fleshed out in later films.

Though there are some setbacks with disappointing outcomes and a main character that could have been a little more interesting, Captain Marvel is an average Marvel film, and a nice way to introduce a new character into the MCU family.  And who knows, Carol might blow us all away in Avengers: Endgame. Only time will tell. For now, I give Captain Marvel, the MCU’s 21th film, a six out of ten.