PCH Students Scores 36 on the ACT twice


Ryan Pham, Photo Editor

Usually, people’s first act is the worst one they get. With all the nerves and new environment for the first time, it is pushed for you to get bad but for Matthew Chen, it didn’t quite go like that.

For the months before, Chen has relentless ACT home practice and finished multiple practice quizzes. Even with the practice, he was extremely nervous for his first ACT but was mentally prepared. The day of the test, Chen and junior Ryan Sellers went out to breakfast to calm the nerves and just relax before the big exam. After the exam, he felt good but didn’t think the did amazing.

It felt really good. I was really surprised actually. I didn’t expect to get that good the first.” Chen said.

At first, Chen was afraid for people to know, he didn’t want certain people to know because of the backlash of such a good grade.

People were… it was pretty exciting you know, everyone was congratulating and stuff. It felt like my birthday. I don’t think people should be treating me differently. Standardized test scores are not a good way to indicate the level of preparedness for college. A lot of people got jealous. One a couple of unnamed individuals were jealous, and they weren’t really happy for me. It created a competitive atmosphere that is unnecessary in school.” said Chen.

People were ecstatic for people to know but new a certain group of people would be mean and jealous of his success, which made him upset. Even after all the negative Matthew helped his group of friends in the library for last minute studying.

“The Saturday before the school act I got some friends together to the library to help them study act, and I wanted to do something to positively impact my community and to really make a difference in people’s lives,” Chen said.

After the school ACT Chen new right after that he was confident that he had gotten another ACT.

“I feel like I did it again,” Chen said.