Real World Learning


Haydn Schertz, Staff Reporter

In today’s world, schools are teaching students the traditional subjects like math, science and english. But what about the simple life skills such as how to tie a tie, or change the oil for your car? 

A new academic lab option that at Parkway Central is offering is that they are going to begin teaching students these simple life skills and these lessons are open to everyone. 

Mrs.Lyons, one of the school librarians had this idea after she heard about it at the Missouri Association of School Librarians Conference. She was inspired by this as it is available in the Francis Howell School district.

“One of the first classes I would like to teach is a self defense training so we gonna try that. I would like to get a mechanic to come in and show you how to change your tires on your car and checking your oil levels. Something on interviewing skills and how to dress for an interview, resume building and that kind of thing,” said Lyons.

This is also a way to help bring together our community by getting more involved and meeting new people in or around the St.Louis area. 

“It is going to be a combination of people from around the Parkway school district and people from the community that I can bring in. Such as guest speakers,” said Lyons.

Look forward to Dr. McCarthy introducing the first Real World Days class or how to tie a tie, along with job interviewing skills and dressing for success. This will take place on October 8th. 

These academic Real World Days are a great opportunity for the students and very beneficial to us here. These classes will be fun and a great way to learn about the little tasks we will have to tackle in the near future. 

Another great feature that they will be adding here at Parkway Central is a Cricut Machine. This is a machine that can be used for printing out designs for t-shirts, hoodies and many more. It also prints out stickers that you could use for water bottles and almost anything you could think of. 

The Cricut Machine will be available to everyone and it only cost as much as the item you bring in. The designs that is prints will be free of charge. Say you want to have matching designs on t-shirts with your teammates the Cricut Machine can help you out. It has already made a few shirts for the staff here at Parkway Central. Once Windows 10 is hooked up to the machine, it will be ready for use.