Tarot Prediction – Month of November


Eva Deniszczuk, Staff Reporter

Monthly tarot horoscope for the month of November

This month should be freeing for you. A huge weight is being lifted from your shoulders, and now’s the time to reach out to jaded relationships for forgiveness, and create new relationships with people. But be careful, this month’s motto seems to be ‘All things hidden in the dark, will come to light.” Keep this in mind when trying to hide your failing grades from your parents 😉

Somebody important to you may be coming back into your life this month. This is a great new opportunity to reconcile old friendships, and forgive.

The cards reveal this about your month:

The Moon [Reversed] – Exposing of secrets, emotional vulnerability, honesty

The Fool – New beginnings, spontaneity, free-spirit

The Emperor – Gaining control, Strong paternal energy, guidance