Waves: Next Splash Hit

Trey Edward Schults’ next critically acclaimed film


Trey Williams, Op/Ed Editor

Now that Halloween is over, we are now fully submerged into the holidays, and that means only one thing: Oscar season. This is the time of the year where studios release movies they believe are most likely to achieve critical acclaim, in an attempt to catch the Oscars attention at the end of their cutoff point for eligibility.

From the November selection of these movies, Waves by Trey Edward Schults has me most excited.

I was introduced to this director by the movie “Krisha,” a disturbing movie about an estranged woman that goes to her family reunion for the first time in years. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say this movie was not a feel good family movie. This movie had interesting cinematography and style, which added to the effect of the train wreck taking place. This movie is one of the most interestingly presented movies I have ever seen.

His next movie achieved more attention both critically and commercially, titled “It Comes At Night.” This was a full-blown horror movie with a much higher budget. This movie has been praised for being an interesting take on what evil really is, and where it can be found.

“Waves” is a pivot from anything Schults has done before. This is no horror movie, this is a drama about a suburban African-American family after the family suffered a tragic loss.

This trailer was fantastic. It hinted at having numerous good performances, particularly from actor Sterling K. Brown, from the show “American Crime Story” and the movie “Black Panther.” Critically acclaimed actor Lucas Hedges from movies such as “Manchester by the Sea” also has a role, but most of this

The poster for Trey Edward Schults’ new movie Waves, coming out Nov. 15. Starring Sterling K. Brown, Lucas Hedges, and Kelvin Harrison Jr., this a great art film to look out for this fall.

cast consists of relatively new African-American actors, which is great to see from a movie with a higher budget.

For a director like Trey Edward Schults, I am most excited for the presentation. Even with a movie as low budget as “Krisha,” Schults was able to expertly craft a mood through his music and cinematography choices. Going into this movie, I’m going to be expecting creative camera work, long takes, and some perfectly placed music.

From what critics are saying, this movie also has a lot of licensed music, from artists such as Kanye West, Radiohead, and Frank Ocean, who’s song appears in the trailer.

This movie is looking like the artsiest coming-of-age movie of the year. I particularly enjoy that genre of movie, so this is going to be one of my most anticipated movies of the year.