Linsanity reignited through the Beijing Ducks


Jeremy Lin playing for the Beijing Ducks. Pictures by Bleacherreporter.

Ryan Pham, Photo Editor

Sitting on the bench, not expecting the play at all, maybe only at the end. Just relaxing on the seat, and suddenly one of your teammates gets injured. Your coach chooses you to start. Walking on the court nervous and worried.

This was the story of Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin made his NBA debut in 2010 with the Golden State Warriors. He played a decent season but it was ended early due to a ligament injury. He then gets traded to the Knicks and Linsanity started. He became huge in the Asian community due to being the first American of Chinese and Taiwanese descent.


“He is my favorite player. He is the coolest because it inspires me as an Asian. I can be good at basketball.” Senior Matthew Chen said.


During the 2011-2012 season, the Knicks were in a major slump in a 13 consecutive losing streak. Baron Davis gets injured and Lin finally gets put on the rooster. He starts the next series of games and gives the Knicks a consecutive 7 wins in a row. This is when Linsanity was created.


Linsanity was really cool for the Asian culture in the NBA because the kids all over Asia love to watch the NBA and for them to see a player that they can relate to is really important and really cool to see as a fan on the outside looking in.” Senior Brandon Smith.


After the Linsanity saga, Lin had a falling. He had a series of injuries and rode the bench for a while. He gets dropped by the Raptors and transfers to the Beijing Ducks in the CBA. His first game Lin reignites the old “Linsanity”.