PCH Gets New Turf Installation


Adam Booker

Picture of the new turf. Photo by Adam Booker

Adam Booker, Staff Reporter

After the new turf was added, Parkway Central students were asked to see how they feel about the turf.   The cost was for all four Parkway fields but for all four the cost of each was under $2 million.  For our school it took a month and a half to install the turf due to weather, but if they were able to work through it all it would have been a three to four week process.

Senior Cameron Roberts played football on the old turf and felt like it was getting rough and needed to be replaced. 

“We definitely need the new turf because the old one was falling apart,” head coach Mark Goldenberg said.

However, senior Hannah Gao is playing lacrosse in the spring and shared different feelings about the old turf. 

“Personally I didn’t feel like we needed the new turf but once it was put down I could totally see why they put a new turf down.” Regardless, Gao is looking forward to playing on the new turf. “I am excited to play on the new turf because it seems tailored to more sports. Permanent lacrosse lines were put in and the turf overall looks really nice,” Gao said. Junior Ann Marie Razny is playing soccer in the spring and is sharing much of the same feelings with Gao about the turf. 

“I didn’t think we needed a new turf until we got one and this new turf looks really nice,” Razny said. Razny feels like there will be challenges when playing in the new turf though. “ I have practices on the new turf and it’s a lot thicker because its newer so it’s gonna be a lot easier to get caught in it when trying to make a move,” Razny said.

John Theobald, the athletic director, was in charge of the dates and placement of the new turf and was asked questions about the cost and length of time the installation took. Theobald explained  how long the new turf should last and what company worked on the installation. ’ 

 “The old turf other schools picked up some of is to used for various projects and the rest the company took back with them,” Theobald said.