Film Festival Offers New Creative Outlet

Sawyer Lownsdale, Staff reporter

Every year, multimedia students at Parkway Central produce a short film project. This year, however, there’s more of a reason to complete the project than just points in the grade book.

“The first annual film festival is designed to celebrate student video production,” multimedia teacher Kim Carr said. “My multimedia students are really dedicated to film this year, and I think the festival is an exciting way to showcase their creativity and skill.” 

The film festival, expected to be hosted towards the end of April, will be a good way to advertise business and multimedia classes, but also an entertaining event for students to attend. While she is still working out the details about the first festival, Carr is hoping to turn the event into an annual occasion, and she isn’t working alone.

“I am still collaborating with others to decide the details,” Carr said, “But we would like it to be an annual event”

Carr credits art teacher David Jafari with the idea, and she is working with other teachers and a handful of multimedia students to work out the details.  Among these students is senior Ben Herrell. Herrell is a former multimedia student and a skilled video editor who also has a passion for movies, film, and music. He’s even attended several film festivals outside of school, and he believes this will be a fun way to showcase student interest for filmmaking and video editing, a skill that isn’t otherwise given much attention throughout the school. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the shorts that people made,” Herrell said, “It’s always fun to see all the different ways people go about telling a story.”

Armando Saldana, a senior in Carr’s multimedia 2 class, shares Herrell’s excitement for the film festival.

“It’s a great way for students to appreciate the art our class has made,” Saldana said.

The film festival won’t be exclusive to multimedia students, instead, Carr encourages and prefers anyone interested to submit their projects. Aside from some guidelines regarding length and obvious rules regarding language, Carr is leaving the creativity to the students, and is excited to see what they will come up with. Other teachers, along with herself, will watch the submissions and choose the best ones to show at the festival. Additionally, she plans to have awards for different categories, and the audience will be able to participate in the voting. 

While the recent COVID-19 pandemic has threatened plans for an initial film festival this year, it’s likely non-seniors and incoming freshman will have the opportunity in the years coming, as Mrs. Carr plans to make the festival an annual event.