Bachelor Listen to Your Heart episode 1

Brooke Kraizer and Gabby Abowitz


“The Bachelor” franchise’s newest show, “Listen to Your Heart,” premiered April 13, at 7 p.m. CST. This is different than the normal Bachelor or Bachelorette everybody expects. There are 20 musicians who are trying to find love; 12 women and eight men in the mansion. We noticed something very out of the ordinary once the show started; they were staying in a different mansion than the rest of “The Bachelor” shows. This mansion is the new location, still in California. They needed a new place to shoot the show because of the past wildfires in 2019 damaging the house, but not destroying it. We will have to wait to see if upcoming seasons will return to the original mansion. 

The first episode started off differently than any other “Bachelor” show before, with contestants coming in one-by-one and the crowd grew until everyone arrived. 

In the first episode, everyone got to know each other and they had their first rose ceremony where the girls had roses. The uneven numbers caused four men to be sent home on just the first night. Stay tuned for weekly updates after each episode.