Bachelor Listen to Your Heart (episode 3)

Brooke Kraizer and Gabby Abowitz


Episode 3 is when the couples are really put to the test. Chris Harrison warns them that if they have not found a connection that they should head home and that is when Ruby and Gabe decided it was best for them to leave. Meanwhile, Brandon has not let any of the drama slide. Julia and Savannah are still clawing for his attention and when it comes down to who he wants to perform with he chooses Savannah leaving Julia to Sheridan. Sheridan had no idea that Julia had been jealous of Savannah due to her unresolved feelings for Brandon. As a result of her feelings, Sheridan was being let down over and over again. After both couples performed for Kesha, JoJo Fletcher and her husband Jordan Rodgers, as well as Jason Mraz, it was clear that the connection with Sheridan and Julia was much stronger… leaving Brandon second guessing his decision. 

Jamie had some stage fright but ended up getting past that and was able to perform. We were surprised how good Rudy and Natasha’s voices are. The performances ended up being better than expected, which was a nice surprise.

After a night of performances, Bekah and Danny were sent home because they had more of a friendship then relationship.