Hindsight is 2020

Seniors look back on their favorite high school memories.

Sawyer Lownsdale, Staff Reporter

It feels like an eternity. Four years that seem so long, yet when it’s all finally over, you wonder where the time has gone. The class of 2020 has been robbed of their final month or so of high school, and it’s left my fellow seniors and I with a lot of time to feel sorry for ourselves. However, in this sad time, I challenged some of my classmates to look on the bright side, and look back on their favorite high school memories. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

Savannah Grasmick is a multisport athlete, and for her, coming up with her fondest memory was a no brainer. She says both her cross country, track and basketball teams had the largest impact on her high school experience

“My favorite high school memory is 100% all of the sports teams I was able to be apart of. I became friends with people I would’ve never met if it weren’t for sports…From pushing myself harder and harder in cross country, to endless laughs on the basketball team, and cheering on our teammates at track meets, those are definitely the memories I’ll never forget,” Grasmick said, who will attend the University of Alabama in the fall, and will be majoring in computer science.

Emma Mueller, also participated in track, but had the best memories attending school dances. 

“My favorite high school memories were the dances. Having all of your friends by you dancing. and having a good time is something I still look back on and smile,” Mueller said.

Mueller will attend the University of Kansas.

Having a middle school and a high school connected by a parking lot allows classes to form a special bond. For the most part, you will be surrounded by the same people from sixth grade all the way to graduation. For Ashley Buckland, that family connection is what she’ll miss the most. 

“I will mostly just miss the people because we really all knew each other for such a long time and it’s crazy that we all had an ending we didn’t see coming,” Buckland said.

Armando Saldana was responsible for the visuals shown on the video board during sporting events. For him, his fondest high school memories are simply the times he was able to spend with his friends.

“All the ac labs I spent with [all my friends] is my favorite memory,” he said. “Ac lab was always fun.”

Saldana will take the community college route, attending STLCC-Meramec for two years, planning to study video editing.

Everyone has a slightly different high school experience. Jack Ford, who spent time on both the baseball and soccer teams at Central, will mostly remember messing around and causing mischief at school.

“My favorite memory is freshman year, when we made Germ-X bombs in [English] class and threw them at the ceiling.”

Ford will be attending Mizzou, studying business administration and management. 

Jacob Greene was also a dual-sport athlete, playing for both the diving team and the baseball team in his 4 years at Central. His favorite memory was an easy decision.

“My favorite memory was definitely winning conference senior year against West,” Greene said, “wuckfest forever.”

Greene will attend Mizzou to study business, and hopes to start his own business some day.

To wrap this up, I’ll leave the readers with a message to never take time for granted, especially your four years of high school. You hear it all the time, but it doesn’t make it any less true, time really does fly. No matter what kind of student you were, good or bad, whether you loved Parkway Central or hated it, we can all agree we will never forget the time we spent there.